Compete and Win Free Stuff Online

Everyone loves free stuff. With the recession hitting many Americans pretty hard, a chance at getting some necessities for free can be quite a lifesaver. If you’re in it just for the luxurious prizes, nothing is wrong with that too. Join in on an online competition and win awards like shopping sprees for food or clothing. Perhaps you may get an opportunity to take a no cost trip to a faraway destination, or even some free bikram yoga classes, laundry detergent, cleaning services, kid stuff, and more. You can also find offers for free trials and giveaways, with no contest entry required. Whatever your thing is, there is an online opportunity that wants to give you a chance at getting it for free. 

Contests and Sweepstakes

There are many online contests and sweepstakes that you may join for prizes: all expense paid vacations, famous maker mobile phones, tablets, and high cash value gift cards for shopping sprees, are just a few of the awards you can win. It is just a matter of signing up. With a simple online search for contests and sweepstakes offering freebies (free prizes, free stuff, etc.), you will be escorted to a plethora of competitive online opportunities. The best part is that they are free to join and you can enter contests on a routine basis.

Tip: You should not have to pay for joining. Any website that demands that you make a payment, give your credit card or banking information, should definitely be avoided. There are plenty more website choices that you may select from instead.

Free Samples and Trials

Some manufacturers are anxious to give a lot of stuff away, because they want to get your feedback and endorsement. You can go directly to the manufacturer, or service provider, for more details on how to get a free product sample or free service trial. Another way in is to sign up at a collective website that features your selected product or service.

Tip: Do a search for specific product or service freebies, not coupon sites. A lot of coupon sites expect you to pay for a subscription to their site, and they don’t always have the coupon from the manufacturer or service provider you want. It is better to be led to the resource site that actually has exactly what you are looking by eliminating the rest.

The Catch

Actually, it’s not that bad. To receive some of these offers you may have to participate in an online survey. The surveys may last from a few seconds to thirty minutes or more. These may or may not be directly related to the product or service you’ve searched for. You will probably have to give your email address so that they may contact you later.

You may be given a key code to use at the product website or retail store to get the product at the noted discount. For others, you will have to give your mailing address so that you may receive the items directly.