For the man with style and élan in every step of life

Fashion in today’s context, has turned out to be a loosely thrown word. With so many choices in the current market, the young consumer can be quite baffled as to what to buy and how to buy. Which trouser is best paired with a formal, striped, full-sleeved shirt? What can I wear with my coloured chinos? And with the online store going active, there’s a whole universe of fashion to wonder at.

It’s a tough world out there, and yes, we’re talking even in terms of shopping and buying clothes for the several occasions that people need them for. There’s the 9-5 office wear, the weekend and off-duty attire, the evening to dress up and then there’s the uber fancy family function that one needs to be careful about. All these years, we thought the men had it easy. Pull out a shirt, pair it with a formal trouser or the usual blue jeans and head out. Not anymore! At a time when the metrosexual man was far and beyond, today, every man is careful about his dressing sense and pays attention to every detail of his attire.

So, where does the humble trouser fit in? Not as dynamic as the shirt, it has a space of its own in a man’s wardrobe and Van Heusen is one such brand that shows its dynamic side even in the world of trousers and chinos. The Van Heusen brand focuses on current expression of elegance as is seen today. While its core audience is professionals and corporate executives, it knows that these are individuals who are well versed with the world and travel extensively, seeing places and having fun. The Van Heusen Trousers, one of its top products, reflect just that – their jet setting ways and lifestyle.

The Van Heusen Trouser comes in various forms and styles – With three types of trouser fronts like flat-front, 5-pocket and pleated and patterns like solid, textured, stripes, checks and patterned – the trouser is versatile and have a fabulous fit that will make the wearer feel confident and stylish. Most of the men prefer trousers having flat front trouser fronts as they look great and modish when worn.

The Van Heusen Trouser is best suited for a professional environment, but at the same time, you also want to have a good time and that’s where the brand under brand, V Dot by Van Heusen comes in. Stylish, modern, fun – made for the man who loves a little boogie and after work drinks on a Wednesday night and definitely a club night over the weekends, V Dot houses the most fashionable fits of trousers. A glossy, slim-fit, flat front trouser is all you need to get your Friday night party sorted. Pair that up with a full-sleeved, solid shirt and you’re good to go.

V Dot is meant for three occasions – Evening, business casual and casual and while you think VH is all about official and evening wear, worry not. VH also has the humble chino! With chinos in every colour and fit available, with 100% cotton fabric and absolutely machine washable, you won’t need to go anywhere else.

The best way to buy Van Heusen is to log online on its official online store and pick and choose the fit, style, colour and size you’d like and dump it in your online shopping cart. Once you have your favourite, there’s no need to shop anywhere else and in any other way. An official online store of branded clothing companies is the most assured and trusted online store where you are provided with convenient way of shopping to buy your favourable branded clothing and other fashion accessories.

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