Garnet Rings – Why You Should Buy Garnet Rings

Garnet is a popular stone for jewelry and people love to wear garnet rings mainly because of their healing properties. People in the Medieval age believed that garnets had protective powers and they carried these with them for protection. You can buy garnet rings for its healing properties and for curing blood and heart related illnesses.

Garnet rings look beautiful in all the designs and in all types of stone settings. If you are planning to buy garnet rings then you must keep an eye on the deals available in the market so that you can fetch a good one. You should be able to evaluate these rings before you buy them. Even if you do not know much about garnets you can use your common sense to see the color, cuts and finish of the stone. The stone should have clear color.

Look for imperfections keenly before you buy garnet rings because the worth of this stone will become low if you buy the one with imperfections. If you find a really cheap deal then you must be a little more cautious when you buy garnet rings.

People who want to by a beautiful gift for their second anniversary to show their love, devotion and warmth for their partner must look to buy garnet rings. This is a great stone for daily wear as it is hard and durable. Garnet is gemstone for people born in January. Even if it is not your birth stone, you can buy garnet rings for its beautiful and attractive looks. This deep burgundy and red color gem looks beautiful in white gold and easily catches attention of every eye. Garnets change color in lights of different colors and are available in different shades of red, pink, orange and even green.

Garnets are believed to be found deep in the earth just like the diamonds. People often get confused between ruby and garnets because of their red color and these have much higher color density when compared to cubic zirconia. Garnets have their mention in Exodus and it was known to represent the clan of one of the sons of Jacob, named Judah. Another belief is that King Solomon wore this gem every time he went to fight a battle. Egyptians believed that if they bury the dead people with their garnet then it would protect them in their life after death.

Even today people buy garnet rings and wear them for promoting good health. It is known to cure fever, blood related problems and infections. It is also believed to provide protection against poison and during the travel. Greeks are known to be the first who started wearing these rings.

There is huge variety of designs available in these rings and you can buy them in yellow gold, white gold, silver, sterling silver and in antique. They are not very costly when compared to other gems and you can get a unique design by combining it with other precious gems.

You can buy garnet rings online through eBay and Amazon as well.

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