How To Spend Your Money In London

London is a very easy city in which to spend lots of money because when you arrive there you will find that everything is unbelievably expensive. It is the most costly city in which to spend time in the entirety of the United Kingdom and that is really saying something considering the United Kingdom is one of the most expensive countries in the world. London must be in at least the top three of the world’s most pricey cities, along with New York, Hong Kong and perhaps Tokyo. With this fact in mind, while you are in the city you are going to need to focus your attention on getting value for money because otherwise you could find yourself leaking pounds like a sieve.

If you are planning to do a spot of shopping, then I would suggest that you head for Oxford Street or Covent Garden as the ridiculous range of shopping options that you will find available to you in these areas means that you will undoubtedly be able to find a deal on the kind of item that you are looking for. You will find all different kinds of materials and styles in these areas, though if you are specifically looking for designer cashmere then you should head for German Street. This is because there are loads of specialist cashmere boutiques on this road and it is really the only destination if you are looking for this particular material.

While in the city I would also suggest that you get tickets to see a football match as this sport plays a fundamental role in British society and one cannot properly get to grasps with the culture unless you go to a stadium to see a match. Next weekend in London you should head for the Emirates stadium because Arsenal play Mark Hughes’ Queens’ Park Rangers in the league on Saturday afternoon in what promises to be a classic encounter. QPR need the points if they are to avoid relegation while Arsenal need the points to maintain their position in fourth place in league so that they can qualify for the Champions League next season via the play-offs. You can get tickets for as little as £30 each and every seat in the ground offers superb views of the pitch.