Long Bob And Long Curly Hairstyles

Considered to be a big trend in hair nowadays is long bob hairstyles. Neither long nor short hair, they are cut somewhat blunt and just above the shoulders. There are rules in getting this coveted hairstyle. The first of these rules state that longer bobs can become bland should they be cut too blunt.

By stacking in the back of the head, dimension can be added to long bob hairstyles. However, it can no longer be considered a bob should a bob get too layered. A more edgy look can be produced by thinning out the ends with a pair of scissors or a razor.

Long bob hairstyles should be a touch shorter at the back. This hairstyle works well on straight and wavy hair. It is considered a versatile hairstyle because it can be worn wavy or flat-ironed. Some women prefer to wear this haircut with a bit of wave to it.

There is an irony to the fact that women who do not have naturally curly hair want to wear long curly hairstyles while women, who are blessed with naturally curly hair, run into styling problems. This should not really be the case as handling naturally curly hair is easier than some women think.

A look that is both amazing and easy to achieve is the fiery red of long curly hairstyles. This look is preferable on heart, oval and diamond faces. It is a matter of thicker hair being better, when it comes to curls and this style. To get even more volume, it is suggested to add a spray-in root volume-adding foam.

Long curly hairstyles will cool a woman down and keep her looking stylish when it is hot and her hair is long and curly. Any face shape will look beautiful in an uplifting curly look. This voluminous and textured style is best for medium density and fairly curly locks.

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