The Canadian government is dedicated to providing the required assistance to the people with severe physical and mental disabilities. These kinds of people have the privilege of paying less tax in comparison to the normal individuals. T2201 is a disability tax credit form that is only provided to the people suffering from severe disabilities to help them sustain their lives. The people with this kind of form qualify to receive up to 40000 dollars in tax credit from the government of Canada.

Source provides the guidelines that CRA uses when determining the eligibility of applicant who may intend to be exempted from tax payment. Some of issues considered are, for how long the disabled has been on that situation, the condition must have been investigated at least 12 months so as to confirm. The magnitude of impact to the affected is well considered when making decision on tax exemption.

Other factors considered are the period one has been undergoing the treatment. This helps in deciding the ones who urgently needs the help. The ease with which one can carry out the duties is too investigated. One who can perform a duty normally ought to should get less attention than the one who finds it very difficult to do a simple job.

To get the form, you need to visit a certain website, where it is downloaded. Before commencing the process it is very important to read all the required information. In case you are stuck anywhere try to seek for any help. There are also phone numbers that are provided to call when in need of any assistance. It is usually available in E-text, in large print version and in braille.

The filling is done in stages, where one fills one part and the other filled by certain health professionals depending on the type of the disability. Some of those who can provide the help are audiologists especially for those with hearing problems or even the family doctor. During this time one ought to make some payment for the services done.

Go through the form after it gets filled. This helps in finding out whether it has been done as one intended. In case of any errors due to either carelessness or done intentionally you need to take it to another practitioner for help. Always be disciplined when seeking the services never go shouting or even arguing with any one if you think you have not received the intended services.

Once all the required information is filled and in correct manner, then there is need to submit it. Make sure that all the required details in the form are filled in correct manner and by the correct person. Then visit the nearest Canada revenue authority agency tax center and do the submission.

Many people, who lack the necessary requirements, are needed to transfer the amount to their friends so as to collect the benefits from them. It is also advisable to inform CRA in case the disability changes. Legal procedures are the best undertaking if one does not agree with the decision made by CRA.

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