A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Safe E-Juice

For plenty of smokers who are trying e-cigarettes for the first time, e-juice flavors might seem an alien but an exciting concept. It could bring the idea of smoking e-cigars to a whole new level—one that doesn’t make the transition seem like you are shifting to a toy. Once you understand that choosing your E-juice is more similar to choosing a new line of wine than it is to choosing a new flavor of gum, you’ll appreciate that you have made the choice to shift to vaporizers. However, you will also realize that there is a need for you to choose safe manufacturers and retailers of e-juice flavors.

Know where your juice is made. If you are purchasing your e-juice from a physical store, it is best to ask your retailer where their goods come from. Have they seen the labs your e-juice flavors are made from? Are they ISO7 cleanrooms? If your vape juices are made from an uncontrolled environment, it’s time to kick that brand off your list because it can give you potential health problems later on. You can’t also be sure about the quality of the product since the environment is uncontrolled. Also know which country the vape juice is produced from and read up on these e-juice producers. Much like in the case of wines, some countries are just better at making these goodies than others.

Know your PG/VG combination. There are some people who are allergic to the PG content in e-cigarettes. For this reason, it is important to try out a vape with minimal PG levels (try 1% PG, 99% VG at first) and observe how you react to it. You can work your way to a 50/50 combination for the best experience. Just note that the e-juice you’re trying out might not have the same throat hit if you are trying a 99% VG version, but at least you are not abruptly introducing PG to your system.

Determine your nicotine level. Nicotine is addictive, and going cold turkey, if you have been smoking for a long period of time, can shock your body if you shift to 0% nicotine e-cigarettes. The key to effectively quitting smoking is to do so gradually and instinctively. There are e-juice flavors that offer different levels of nicotine to make sure you are not quitting nicotine too fast and suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Set realistic expectations, and decrease your nicotine fix one week at a time.

Choose glass over plastic bottles. There are plenty of reasons to choose glass over plastic when it comes to the packaging of e-juice. A major factor is BPA. When heated, e-juices in plastic bottles can contain BPA which is very harmful to your body. Glass is also easier to sterilize so you can be sure that your vape juice is very clean before your purchase. You can also expect a longer shelf life out of e-juices stored in glass bottles than in plastic ones.

Look for professional labeling. Always choose e-juices with professional and complete labeling. It is indicative of how the products were prepared. You should also know everything about the product you are purchasing, from where it is made to how much nicotine and PG content it has.

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