Surprise Your Palate With Low Fat Muffins

[I:]Your favorite little treats don’t have to be real calorie bombs, but they usually are. Easy to prepare and delicious, muffins are widely popular desserts. The problem is they contain a great deal of sugar, oil and other caloric ingredients. Using healthy replacements for some of these ingredients might be a very good way for making low fat muffins.

Fats contain about nine calories per gram. Eggs contain cholesterol. If you use healthier ingredients, your favorite snacks can become even tastier. Replacing a part of usually used ingredients with healthy substitutes can be done very easily.

Incredibly tasty little treats mostly contain a great deal of empty calories. Fat is the most important issue here, but eggs and sugar also contribute to total amount of calories, and they don’t have significant nutritional value. If you replace only a part of those ingredients with healthier ones, it can affect your weight.

Replacing a part of sugar with honey and dried and fresh fruits will make your snacks even better. Nuts, whole grains, raisins and grated carrot will be a great addition to your diet. Fibers are essential for your overall health condition. Besides, removing just a couple of hundreds calories from your daily diet will make you lose a pound or two every single mounts, without any special diet plan.

Whole grains and oatmeal will make you full, and if you add a little apple juice to replace a part of oil in your recipe, it might surprise you. Fresh fruits can be added in your mixture, together with hazelnuts of walnuts. Red and blue berries are very good antioxidants that protect your health, and you should add them in your diet. Combine them with fresh cream and they will make a great topping.

Refined sugar is sweet, but that’s all. It contains approximately 4 calories per gram. If you replace it with organic sugar and chopped dried fruits, your organism will receive valuable vitamins instead of empty calories. Besides, it will significantly improve the taste. It is important to buy unsweetened dried fruits. Fruits also contain sugar, but this sugar won’t make you fat.

You will find numerous great recipes for low fat muffins. Some of them are incredibly tasty. You can also make some adjustments to your favorite recipes, and prepare your favorite bites differently. Healthy ingredients used for toppings can also reduce the calories. You can still enjoy your delicious treats and lose weight at the same time.

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