Surprising Benefits Of Baking Paper

Baking papers are used in baking as a heat-resistant and throwaway non-stick layer. By using a baking paper, you don’t need to grease the baking tray and can bake goods rapidly. It is also used in the Italian method of cooking called En papillote, where the food is folded in the paper and then cooked. Other than these typical uses, baking papers can be also highly valuable to your kitchen in many ways. They are given below,

Non-stick food storage

When you freeze food items like burger, meat chops and steaks without dividing them, it would be difficult to separate later on. Baking paper can work well as a meat divider and it also prohibit sticking. It is also useful in freezing biscuit and cookie dough during the festival season. Then, you can take them out and bake at your own leisure.

Wrapping foods

It can act as a simple and stylish wrapping paper for your baked goods. You can enhance its appearance by adding a twine or ribbon.

A grease proof paper would be enough to wrap cheese and sandwiches, but do not use them as a lining for cake tins. Baking papers come with a silicon coating and would not allow sticking that makes them the ideal candidate for the job.

Disposable placemats

No matter how messy your kids are when they eat, place baking papers below the setting. You can dispose them off easily after the use.

Sifting surface

Sifting the baking ingredients can be an untidy process. Rather than adding another bowl to wash up, sift the required things on top of a baking paper. Later, you can pour them into the bowl.

Protecting kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets become less-shining and grimy over the years because of our dirty fingers and the circulation of oil and grease through the space. And it is best to prevent them getting stained in the first place. One of the perfect ways to achieve it is to place baking papers on the shelves and replace them after a period of time. You can also cover the shelves of your fridge with the baking paper so that you don’t need to wash the fridge frequently.

Snack cone

Most people would love to have fries in a cone. And it is possible to make your own home-made snack cone by rolling the baking paper and fixing it with a tape.

Try these tricks and get the best out of your baking paper.

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