Are Wood Fired Pizzas Healthy? Here are 3 Reasons they are!

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most favored foods my foodies out there. Pizza has become an international sensation and it has gotten to a point that people couldn’t resist their urge to have a slice of delicious pizza. This is why pizzas are a great choice of food that shall be served to your party guests. Hiring a mobile pizza catering service that serve wood fired pizza is your ideal choice because these pizzas are not just incredibly tasty, but healthy as well! How so? Read on to know more:

1. Wood Fired Pizzas Cook Quickly:

Pizza is one of the most favored convenience foods that busy individuals are comfortable with. No matter the amount of toppings you put on it, wood fired pizzas are one of the quickest recipes ever made. Mobile pizza catering services own ovens that are heated to 700 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and that would suffice to bake a pizza for about 8 to 15 minutes.

2. Wood Fired Pizzas doesn’t fall short of nutrients:

Wood fired pizzas made with fruits and vegetables retain its nutrients for long. Wood fired oven shall cook vegetables and fruits as fast as possible, thus retaining nutrients and antioxidants that are good for health. Long cooking process can deteriorate the nutrient and antioxidant contents, thereby diminishing the overall nutritional value. What better than serving healthy wood fired pizzas for your guests?

3. Wood-Fired Ovens Enhance Food Flavor:

Cooking a pizza in a wood fired oven imparts a unique taste to it. Wood fired oven facilitates even heat distribution, which is the reason behind the enhanced flavor integrated in wood fired pizzas. This is nearly impossible when pizzas are cooked in a traditional home oven. Your guests will surely enjoy a pizza that’s uniquely tasty and healthy at the same time.


You are doing a good bit to the nature when you are hiring a mobile pizza catering service! Wondering how? Wood fired oven drastically reduces energy consumption by many folds. Wood fired oven doesn’t require gas or electricity to operate. This, moreover enables the caterers to cook and serve as much pizza as required, without even worrying about occasional power fluctuations or gas running out.

Hiring a pizza catering service is indeed a great decision if you are hosting a party. They not just satisfy the requirements of you and your guests, but are serving food that’s tasty and healthy more than ever.

The author is working in a leading pizza catering service for more than 5 years. He explains the benefits of wood fired pizzas and why serving them at parties with the assistance of a pizza catering service in Sydney is a great choice. For more details, visit