At some point, most people will suffer from back pain. What many people do not realize is that surgery should only be considered if all other attempts to relieve pain have not been successful. In most instances, chiropractic care can determine the cause and relieve the symptoms. A chiropractor in Castle Rock can help patients be pain free once again.

Pain around the spine occurs when the spine is out of alignment. If the normal alignment of vertebrae is disturbed for any reason, the surrounding area becomes inflamed and painful. The normal reaction may be to rest and take over the counter pain medication. The symptoms might go away, but the injury or imbalance that caused the pain remains. Your chiropractor will address the source of pain, not just the symptoms.

A herniated disc is another source of back problems. When the disc herniates it may touch on surrounding nerves. Or a herniated disc that is not causing pain, can become symptomatic with a sudden impact from a fall. In this instance chiropractors frequently order an x-ray or MRI to evaluate the spine. Spinal manipulations and physical therapy are often used once the doctor determines that the patient is a good candidate for this care.

The body has soft tissue that can cause pain. Overstretched tendons, muscles and ligaments in the back can become problematic. Soft tissue can be the first or secondary cause of the pain. The chiropractor will determine the cause of your pain. In most cases, spinal manipulations will be in order, along with various types of therapy.

Over stressing the body with work or exercise can result in tense soft tissue that is inflamed and painful. Spinal manipulations will bring welcome relief and the blood flow will increase. Hydrotherapy, laser therapy and physical therapy may also be recommended.

As bodies age they become less resilient and more susceptible to injury. Chiropractic care can help you cope with your changing body. Surgery and addictive pain medication should be the last option for finding relief. With natural, non invasive chiropractic care, relief from pain can happen.

Chiropractic care alleviates back and leg pain naturally, quickly and effectively. Get more info about an experienced chiropractor in Castle Rock at today.