4 Myths about Invisible Braces Debunked

Invisible braces (also referred to as invisible aligners) have allowed adults, teens and kids bid farewell to metal braces and their multiple disadvantages. Invisible braces in have become quite popular over time and yet there are some common misconceptions about this relatively new dental technology.

Read on to find out some common myths surrounding the concept of invisible braces and the reality behind them.

Myth 1

Invisible braces are for the affluent

Invisible braces treatment costs only as much as the traditional braces. The cost of invisible braces differs from one patient to another. The number of aligners used throughout the treatment place each patient in different price categories. Selected dental clinics offer financing options to patients to make treatment easier and more accessible.

Myth 2

Invisible braces mean a lot of hard work

Invisible braces are worn to rectify the misalignment of teeth and obviously, this cannot be accomplished without sufficient work. But invisible braces make the work so much easier without causing pain or discomfort to the wearer. Unlike the traditional braces which make the mouth look like it is filled with metal, invisible braces do not affect the aesthetic value of the patient. Patients can remove the aligners while eating or drinking and can put them back later. The aligners impose no restrictions on the patient’s diet and the patient feels no discomfort or awkwardness while speaking with the braces on. Invisible braces are much easier to handle than the conventional ones and the only task expected out of the patient is to go for regular dental examinations regarding the progress in dental alignment.

Myth 3

Invisible braces take a long time to work

Invisible braces as well as conventional braces take the same amount of time. The effect of the braces on the alignment of the teeth is monitored regularly and the aligners are changed based on the progress of the treatment. The time taken for proper alignment of teeth and the number of aligners needed to achieve best results help in determining the invisible braces cost in Melbourne.

Myth 4

Invisible braces cause bad breath

When invisible braces are cared of appropriately, they can be worn without smell or stains for many months. The braces must be cleaned regularly using a mild soap solution and must be stored in a hygienic place when not in use. Patients wearing aligners must brush and floss regularly and must always ensure that the aligners are worn only after the mouth is completely clean. If these practices are followed religiously, then there is no chance of bad oral odor while wearing invisible braces.

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