5 Important Questions You Must Ask Your Dentist


Most of us are very keen about our health, but we lag when it comes to our oral health. Maintaining the dental health is more important to maintain your overall health. Just like discussing your health with your doctor, you need to discuss your dental health with your dentist. Here we have mentioned few questions you need to ask your dentist.

How often should I undergo dental checkups?

Oral health varies from person to person. Most dentists suggest undergoing dental checkups at least once in a year or twice if you have an excellent dental health. This helps you to get cleaned your teeth regularly and maintain your oral health. It also helps you to ignore various dental complications since your dentist can find your issues in its initial stage and rectify it.

What are the ways to improve the dental hygiene at home?

It is vital to maintaining your dental hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. To take your oral health to the next level, you need to follow the tips mentioned below.

– Need to use the products that contain fluoride.
– Limit or avoid the foods that have high sugar content.
– Have a balanced diet that contains fruits and vegetables.
– Avoid tobacco

How to prevent tooth decay and other dental problems?

To ensure healthy mouth, you need to follow a healthy diet and visit your dentist regularly. Chemotherapy and few medications can also affect your dental health. You need to protect yourself from various dental diseases by having regular dental checkups.

What is meant by tooth sensitivity?

Patients having tooth sensitivity will experience pain while consuming hot, cold, or acidic foods. This is caused due to ant damage in your tooth enamel or due to the presence of thin enamel. In this case, your tooth pulp or dentin will be exposed to extreme temperatures. For some patients, this may be due to

– Gum damage
– Tooth whitening
– Tooth grinding habit
– Fillings and orthodontics
– Fractured or chipped tooth

Visiting your dentist in dental clinic helps your dentist to examine the affected tooth and provide the needed treatment.

What is the right age to take my child for a dental checkup?

Most research shows that children can be affected by cavities by the age of two. So the dentist recommends taking your child for their first checkup once their first tooth emerges. This helps your dentist to identify your child’s dental issues in the early stage and rectify them.

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