5 Important Wisdom Teeth Questions Answered

The third set of molars is also called as wisdom teeth unless and until it causes pain. Is your wisdom tooth causing you discomfort and pain? Here comes the importance of wisdom teeth removal treatment procedure and the wisdom teeth cost.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth or third molar are the last teeth to erupt, usually coming in during the late teen years or early 20s. Since the jawbone has fully grown to its adult size and the jaw bone is too small to house the new wisdom teeth comfortably. This is why the eruption of wisdom teeth causes discomfort and pain in the jaw.

What Are the Common Problems Associated With Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Common problems caused by wisdom teeth include:

– Gum disease
– Decay
– Cysts
– Teeth crowding
– Poor position

When I Need to Get My Wisdom Teeth Out?

Depending on how your wisdom tooth is growing and the size of your jaw, you need to determine whether you need to your wisdom teeth out or not. The best way is to determine whether you require wisdom teeth or not is to consult the experienced dentists in Sydney who perform initial evaluation and assessment.

During initial consultation, your dentist will review your dental health, take X-rays and analyse your general oral health, the impact of wisdom teeth etc. If the dentist found any issue with your wisdom teeth, surgery may be suggested to have them get to be removed to avoid any painful symptoms.

Before sitting on the chair for wisdom teeth removal surgery, it’s must for you to discuss the wisdom removal procedure, risks and possible complications.

What Is The Wisdom Teeth Procedure?

Here we have outlined the wisdom teeth procedure,

– Your wisdom teeth removal dentists in Sydney will perform local anesthesia to numb your mouth or to suppress consciousness during the surgery.
– After the sedation process, an incision will be made in the gum line to expose the tooth and jaw bone.
– Then the tooth is removed and the extraction site is cleaned
– The site is stitched up and the gauze is placed over the site to control the bleeding

What Are the Post-Operative Care?

– Avoiding touching the site and chewing foods for the first 24 hours
– Use sterilize gauze pads to control bleeding blood clot and use cold pack to reduce swelling
– Avoiding exercise and strenuous activities
– Avoid smoking and alcohol for 24 hours after the surgery
– Avoid hot beverages and spicy foods for a few days

When it comes to wisdom teeth removal costs, the cost of the treatment depends on your individual cases. Removing your wisdom teeth won’t affect your wisdom; rather it will help you maintain a healthy and functioning smile!

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