5 Ways to Beat Prostate Cancer – You Can Start Doing from Today!

Prostate cancer lists second in types of cancers that haunt men, the first one being skin cancer followed by cancer of the kidney and bladder. The best way to deal with it is to change your lifestyle and be cautious at all times. Here are five ways to consider:

1. Simple Exercise Routine: Your first step should be to exercise at least 3 times a week. No, we are not telling you to do heavy weight lifting and develop abs (it’s a good idea though). We are suggesting you to do simple routine exercise you like most. It can be simple walking or an adrenaline pumping run.

2. No Fried Foods: The next step is to stay away from fried foods. They may taste good but they will not do any good to your body. Also make simple changes like cooking foods in olive oil rather than vegetable oil. Believe us; it will definitely boost your health in the long run and help you avoid problems like high PSA levels.

3. No Tobacco Please: Quitting tobacco and smoking is the best thing you can do for your health. It plays a key role in reducing prostate cancer as well. Cigarettes and cigars weaken your ability to stay away from daily damage to your DNA and non -smokers die less due to this deadly disease. If you haven’t been a smoker yet, you are on the right path.

4. Colorful Vegetables: Adding a little color to your plate by eating colored vegetables such as carrot, corn, pumpkin, sprouts, cabbage, etc. is a smart choice. These fresh vegetables not only make you feel and look healthier, but they will also help you stay away from various types of diseases by strengthening your immunity.

5. Talk to a Doctor: If you doubt that you have this cancer due to family history and observe symptoms like problem in urinating, pain in pelvic areas, elevated PSA levels, blood in semen or urine have started to show up then it’s time to talk to a doctor.

Remember, it’s better late than never so you should try on these simple lifestyle changes today. Men over 60 years of age can try them as soon as possible because they are more at risk and the risk only increases with the passing of time.

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