6 Great Tips to be Self Confident

Self Confident









Lack of self-confidence can be really off putting. Self-confidence is an important attribute in everyone’s lives, as it contributes to our happiness and contentment. Without self-confidence, you won’t earn respect from others and will have fears in following your dreams. Not to mention the feeling of worthlessness about yourself. So, how to build self-confidence? With these power tips, of course.

1. Make yourself Relevant

People who are usually introverted tend to remain within their comfort zone and resist coming forward. This makes you appear weak and invisible. So what should you do? Stand up, speak loud, use larger gestures and occupy space. That way, the world gets to know about your existence and perceive you as someone being strong and confident.

2. Take a Look Back at your Past Accomplishments:

Create a list of achievements you have made through the years and review each of them. This lets you realise the fact that you are capable of achieving anything in life. Even the smallest of achievements do count, so you don’t have to consider your major successes alone.

3. Look Good:

This is a simple yet powerful way to make you confident. If you feel that you look good, confidence will reach you. So groom yourself and be clean. Browse through the latest fashion and clothing styles, and wear those outfits you feel comfortable with. All of these will surely work to take your confidence to the next level.

4. Get Fit:

Being physically fit and staying in your best shape can definitely bring about positive changes to your self-confidence. Working out not just makes you feel better (due to the secretion of endorphins), but it accounts for building up your self-esteem as well.

5. Maintain a Good Posture:

Your body language and posture speaks a lot about yourself. Holding a nice and strong posture will pass a message that you are determined to face the world and no one can put you down. Stay upright and make eye contact with people. It says that you are well confident and are good at facing challenges.

6. Get Courageous:

One of the best ways to build confidence is to be courageous. Get past the worries and have the courage to try out new things. Have the nerve to face new things, which will eventually help build your confidence. Start from the small things and go all the way up.

Now that you know how to build self-confidence, start preparing yourself to garner new triumphs. Transform your dreams into reality and do what it takes to achieve. Good luck!

The author is a recognised psychologist offering quality advice on life and how to build self-confidence and self-esteem. He also offers online courses on how to build self-esteem for his clients. Visit https://www.selfesteemonline.com.au to know more.