7 Advantages of Pregnancy Massage

Massage during pregnancy period is highly beneficial for the mother. Pregnant woman can experience difficulties and disturbances during the period, which could be relieved with pregnancy massages. Pregnancy massages impart both physical and mental benefits during pregnancy. Here are 7 benefits explained as under:

1. Pregnancy Heartburn:

The digestive system of pregnant women might become sluggish during the late stages of pregnancy, so as to facilitate absorption of vital nutrients for the baby. This leads to heartburn and constipation. With pregnancy massage, these symptoms can be alleviated, and anxiety & stress can be greatly reduced.

2. Anemia:

Iron deficiency is quite common amongst pregnant women. Iron deficiency is a condition wherein there’s insufficient hemoglobin present in the blood. Alongside increasing the amount of iron intake, pregnancy massage will also give a boost to blood and lymph circulation. This helps reduce tiredness as well.

3. Backache:

Pregnant women experience backaches as the baby grows and changes posture. Pregnancy massage can loosen up any tight muscles in the upper and lower back, and can reduce pains effectively.

4. Headaches and Migraine:

A small per cent of pregnant women experiences migraine during pregnancy. With stress or tension in the head, neck and shoulder, it is possible for the mother to experience headaches. By adopting pregnancy massage, blood circulation is improved and stress level is brought down.

5. Sciatica:

Sciatic nerve contracts during pregnancy as your baby and uterus grows during pregnancy. This leads to sciatic pain at the back of the thigh and the lower end of the leg. Gentle pregnancy massages can calm the nerve and reduce the pain.

6. Stretch Marks:

As the baby bump grows, skin stretches to cause tightness and stretch marks. To make sure the skin is well-nourished and moisturized, massaging with good nourishing oil can be very helpful. Make sure to use only specific oils that are ideal for pregnancy.

7. Circulation:

Pregnancy massage is a great way to boost blood circulation and to flush out toxins as a result. This reduces swelling and other problems such as leg cramps & edema.

Pregnancy massage in Perth is a great way to bring down pains and aches during pregnancy. Make sure it is only carried out by a certified and experience therapist, who is well-versed with the right measures and techniques that can reduce pains and symptoms.

The author is an experience pregnancy massage specialist in Perth, who usually writes articles and blogs on pregnancy. She has over 6 years of experience in Pregnancy massage in Perth. For more details, visit http://sportsmedsubiaco.com.au/