Adults with Wisdom Teeth are at Increased Risk of Developing Periodontal Diseases

Most of the adults having no wisdom teeth problems often throw phrases such as “they aren’t bothering me,” “I’m just going to leave them alone,” or “No harm, no foul.” But, to all those adults who prefer to forgo the procedure due to the false thinking of high wisdom teeth removal cost or spilling the excuse of ‘no trouble’, you should fathom that wisdom teeth may not cause problems in the short term, they can negatively impact your dental health long term.

Wisdom Teeth and Periodontal Disease

The bacterial infection around the teeth and gums which cause inflammation is called as periodontal disease and this is predominant in older patients who are opting for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

The Facts

– On average, adults of 52 years and older with wisdom teeth are roughly 1.5 times more prone to suffer from periodontal disease.
– The dental patients over the age of 25 years were roughly twice as likely to have an asymptomatic periodontal defect associated with a third molar, as compared to younger patients.

The Reason

Wisdom teeth or the third molars are situated at the back of the mouth and this placement makes them more difficult to clean. Improper cleaning and maintenance can cause bacterial infection over the gum line which leads to severe dental problems in future. This condition is more prominent in cases with wisdom teeth that are partially impacted. When there is no enough space for wisdom teeth to grow, they come out partially creating food pockets which collect tiny food bits that are difficult to remove. This instigates severe bacterial growth and causes tooth damage which eventually requiring tooth extraction.


The symptoms of developing periodontal diseases by wisdom teeth includes,

– A low grade chronic gum infection
– Bone loss
– Pain and swelling from time to time
– Tooth decay
– Bone destruction and damage
– Foul smell
– Bad taste in mouth and more.

The Solution

There are two approaches of preventing periodontal infections due to impacted wisdom teeth.

Non-extraction Approach

There is no need for opting for a wisdom teeth removal surgery if bacterial infection surrounding your wisdom teeth can be brought under control and subsequently managed. This approach includes,

– Effective oral home care
– Frequent dental cleanings
– A simple gum-surgery to improve the gum-teeth relationship

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is the permanent cure to developing gum diseases and tooth decay. The surgical procedure will be carried out by a dentist with proficiency in wisdom teeth removal, and you will rest under the care and supervision of your dentist in their office for a day. You can also resume your normal work from day 3 upon the approval from your dentist.

The cost of wisdom teeth removal is very low and doesn’t incur any additional charge.

The author of this article is an experienced wisdom tooth professional in Sydney with over 15 years of experience in the dental industry. In this article, he writes about the importance of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney and the risks associated with denying the removal process. Visit for more information.