Advantages of Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

The thought of prostate cancer can be unsettling for patients, as can be prostate cancer treatment. The symptoms of prostate cancer can be varied. While elevated PSA levels don’t always mean cancer, once you have been diagnosed with the disease, it is vital to follow the proper course of treatment. With the advancement of both medical science and technology, there are now improved and more effective methods of prostate cancer surgery, robotic surgery being one of them. Although more expensive than traditional laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery has more advantages in the following areas:

Better Results

Robotic prostate cancer surgery provides better and clinically superior results compared to traditional laparoscopic surgery. In robotic prostate cancer surgery, the surgeons get higher resolution, three-dimensional field of vision and images that enable make precise incisions, without damaging healthy tissues. This ensures that the malignant tissues are removed with ease and chances of relapse are far less.

Lesser Complications

There are risks of complications in every surgery. But in the case of robotic surgeries, complications are far lesser because the chances of incision infections are greatly diminished. This is mainly because the incision is significantly small and the robotic arms that perform the surgery do not come into contact with the incision area, reducing a patient’s susceptibility to infections and aiding a swift and eventful recovery.

Speedy Recovery

Robotics in surgery has made the recover process faster and smoother. As mentioned above, smaller incisions significantly reduce the risk of infections, and also require less sutures and healing time. The robotic arms and their precise movements offer a safer, more hygienic surgical procedure, removing malignant tissue without damaging the healthy ones. This also reduces the chances of relapse.

Minimal Scarring

Surgeries are known to leave prominent scars on the skin, most of which don’t completely go away with time. Traditional or laparoscopic prostatectomy too leaves scars on the lower abdomen. With the advent of robotics surgery, incisions heal faster and leave little to no scars. Small incision and minimal scar tissue build-up ensures faster healing and lesser complications.

Robotics is used for many kinds of surgeries, like

cancer in the bladder or kidney. The advanced technology and superior results, robotic surgery is now considered a safer and more progressive alternative to traditional or laparoscopic surgeries. With robotic surgery, risks of infections and chances of relapse are greatly reduced, ensuring swift recovery and faster return to normal life.

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