Advantages of Using Da Vinci Robotics in Cancer Treatments

With the introduction and integration of latest technologies into medical surgeries, cancer treatments have been largely improvised. New procedures using robotics in surgery have produced better results and precision in the cancer-related surgeries. Most of the experts are still debating over the better alternative between traditional and robotics-based treatments. However, higher efficiency rate and success ratio of Da Vinci robotic systems prove the point to a large extent.

It has multiple benefits while treating cancer in the bladder, kidney or prostate. In fact, it is largely used by the cancer specialists in surgery during the prostate cancer treatment. Here are the main benefits associated with this treatment modality:

– It Is Minimally Invasive:

Most of the cancer patients are intimidated by the size of an incision needed for traditional surgeries. This fear is completely mitigated by advanced Da Vinci robotics in surgery. It allows a minimally invasive surgery with tiny incisions that can be healed faster. Apart from aesthetics, it minimizes scar tissue formation on the interior side of the incision. This further eliminates complications related to scar tissues.

– It Allows Increased Precision:

Patients having high PSA level are often threatened by the impending surgery but they shouldn’t. Da Vinci system can deliver highly effective and far superior clinical results as compared to the traditional approaches. It allows the surgeon to lay hands on a sophisticated console that is three-dimensional with an advanced magnification spectrum and 90 degrees of articulation. It allows better visualization and improved precision through 1-2 cm incisions made on the affected area. This technique of prostate cancer treatment has a highly sensitive electronic surgical arm to assist the surgeon in precise movements inside the scar. It prevents healthy tissues from any damage and subsequently enhances the clinical results.

– It Reduces the Surgical Risks:

Most of the symptoms of bladder cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, etc. are curable with robotic systems. It poses a minimum risk while removing the malignant cancerous tumors. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation techniques, they do not entail dangerous side effects for the patient. Robotics can easily reduce risks involved in traditional cancer surgical procedures. Another potent risk is the infection in the incision. However, this risk is completely mitigated by Da Vinci system because it requires 4-5 smaller incisions measuring less than 2 inches each instead of a large 6-8 inch long vertical incision.

– It Induces Better Post-Surgical Recovery:

After traditional prostate cancer treatment or any cancer-related surgical procedure, it takes a prolonged time to recover completely. But in the case of Da Vinci robotics, this period is lessened to a bare minimum. With smaller incisions and lesser sutures, chances of infection are considerably minimized. It relies on a precise movement of robotic arms thus facilitating cleaner removal of malignant tissues. This result in faster healing due to lesser damage caused to healthier tissues and inner walls of the incision.

Due to its efficacy and precision, surgeons across the world prefer DA Vinci robotics treatment for cancer in the kidney, bladder, prostate, and other symptoms.

The author has written various blogs about prostate cancers and cancer treatments. This article explains the advantages of using Da Vinci Robotics in Cancer Treatments.