Air Duct Cleaning For Health

Most of us do not really think about the heating, air conditioning, and vacuuming systems in our home as a source of disease or potential health problems for ourselves, our children, and our pets but we should. Air duct cleaning can provide a healthier environment inside your home.

The air from your heating and air conditioning system is circulated through your home about five or six times. Any allergen, chemical, pet dander, mold, pollen, or pollutant can become attached to the surface of the air ducts in your home.

Every chemical you use in your home like hair spray, oven cleaner, cleaning products, craft glues, and any aerosol gets sucked into the air ducts. These chemicals eventually get deposited inside the ducts along with any dust or pollen. Many of the chemicals normally used safely in your home provide a breeding ground for molds, mildew and some disease causing bacteria. The chemical deposits inside your air ducts provide a food source for these potential dangers to grow.

Dirty air ducts can be the reason you or your children have a constant case of runny nose or congestion. Many of the bacteria, allergens, and molds that thrive in air ducts cause respiratory problems. This condition can actually be life threatening for some people that are very sensitive to respiratory diseases.

You can tell if your home needs air duct cleaning by a simple inspection. You probably have a potential health problem if you have mold or mildew growing on the vents of your cooling and heating system Taking off one or two of the vent covers can help you decide I you need air duct cleaning.

When the air or heat comes on, another sign that your air ducts need air duct cleaning is the persistence of a dank or musty smell that increases. This may be a sign of mold or mildew that has grown in your system due to the slight amount of water that normally condenses in the ducts.

You really can not do air duct cleaning correctly yourself. Vacuuming will not work. Spraying chemicals into the system just will not reach all the areas that most contaminates hide. You need to arrange for an annual air duct cleaning with a professional. Professionals have the equipment that can remove all the dust, pollen, allergens, molds, and chemicals that may be causing your family’s health to suffer needlessly.