Airbrush Tan Creates Amazing Bronze Nuances

The most efficient way of applying sunless tanning products is using airbrush tan technology. In your favorite tanning salon, lovely bronze color will be applied by a technician who is highly experienced and educated for this job. This person will make sure your new bronze is absolutely flawless and really impeccable.

Airbrush tan technology used in professional salons uses air compressors for creating fine mist of tiny particles. This way your selected product is applied evenly on each and every part of your skin. You just cannot achieve better results using any other method. That’s why you should use professional services for achieving the best possible results.

There are many products available today, offering beautiful golden- bronze fake tans. Some of them offer really amazing results and you can safely use them in your own bathroom. Still, your favorite sunless tanning lotion will look so much better if applied using airbrush tan technology. A real professional will make the best of it. [I:]

Most sunless tanning products contain DHA. This sugar-based active ingredient reacts with amino acids within proteins in the most outer skin layer. The product of this reaction is your lovely bronze color. It is important to exfoliate before airbrush tan treatment to remove dead skin cells from the surface. After the airbrush tan treatment the skin has to be hydrated. Use a good quality moisturizer daily.

Airbrush tan applied tan is especially smooth and appealing. It looks really authentic and lasts for about a week. When you use a good quality moisturizer, it might last longer. In any case, well-maintained airbrush tan can be re-applied once a week at least, to keep the color intensity. Regular moisturizing is very important and you should use a good moisturizer after taking a shower.

Shave at least a day before visiting the salon and applying airbrush tan. This way you will give your skin a chance to heal before the treatment. After taking a treatment, use afresh razor and be very careful. Using your old razor might ruin your beautiful bronze color.

In professional sunless tanning salon they’ll offer you a disposable bathing suit, but you can bring your own. When planning airbrush tan treatment, wear comfortable shoes and loose clothes to avoid making damages to your freshly applied color. Once the color is perfectly set, it will be durable, and it won’t stain your clothes. In any case, fresh stains can be easily removed from most fabrics.

Don’t worry, the color won’t stain your favorite clothes or linens once it finally sets. Considering the fact that your bronze airbrush tan averagely lasts a week or so, you will have to apply another layer occasionally. Good moisturizing is highly important for maintaining your bronze. Remember to exfoliate before taking your next airbrush tan treatment. If you take a good care of your skin, you can keep your lovely golden glow all through the summer.

Considering the risks related to sunbathing, sunless tanning products are the best alternative, if you still want to have sun-kissed skin. Among all other ways of applying your favorite sunless tanning lotion, airbrush tan is certainly the best option available. Beautiful bronze complexion enhances everyone’s appearance.

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