All about Bladder Cancer

Bladder is one of the vital organs in the human body and is located in the abdomen, it looks and acts like a sac and is instrumental in collecting urine released from the kidneys before it is defecated. Cancer that rises from the epithelial lining is most commonly known as Bladder cancer. The cancer cells grow quickly in the bladder. Blood emission in urine is one of the symptoms in identifying this disease. Others symptoms might include extreme pain and presence of hematuria while urinating. Patients who are in advanced stage might also experience severe pain in and around the pelvic.

Some Causes For Cancer In The Bladder: One of the main reasons for a person getting infected with this cancer is smoking. As per a report, around 50% of men and around 1/3rd women who are affected by the bladder cancer are smokers. Hence, one of the best ways to prevent this cancer is to quit smoking at the earliest. Also for people whose daily works necessitates them to handle certain chemicals, also might increase the chances of getting this cancer. Jobs like leather workers, mechanics, bus drivers etc. have a high risk of getting this cancer. Usually, this cancer is detected at an initial stage; hence it is easier to treat.

Diagnosing the Cancer in the Bladder: It is done through cystoscopy, in which a bendable pipe which has a camera and other tools are inserted inside the bladder to do a biopsy. Treatment of this cancer varies and is dependent on how shallow the tumor is. Superficial tumors are those that have not yet reached the brawny portion and hence can be “shaved off”, this can be done by inserting the cystoscopy, an electrocautery device. Whenever cystoscopy is not a choice, Valrubicin, which is a chemotherapy medicine, is permeated into the bladder to fight the cancerous cells. Superficial tumors if not treated can penetrate into the brawny bladder walls. Usually if the tumor penetrates the walls of the bladder, it would require the patient to go through a more painful and comprehensive treatment in which it might require the partial or complete removal of the bladder. Experienced surgeons in some cases can actually create an alternate bladder or a neobladder, using a portion of intestinal tissue.

Ways to Prevent it: Drinking six glasses or 1.44 L of water will help prevent the cancer. Foods that have selenium like nuts, lean meat and carrots etc. are good to include in the meal as they help fight the cancerous cells.

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