All that you wanted to know about Tattoo Removal and Botox

Most people who received permanent tattoos when they were young or those who have had their tattoo a little over 10 years find that they are no longer wanting their tattoo. Many are looking for safe solutions to remove the tattoos from their skin in a convenient, easy and faster way. While there is a process known as Dermabrasion available, it involves the removal of the top layers of the skin also known as the epidermis. It is a long process which involves usage of various tools such as salt crystals, wire brush, and Diamond wheel. Large scars, lots of blood loss, discoloration of the skin are some issues one needs to deal with by opting for this process.

But with the introduction of the Laser Tattoo removal, Dermabrasion is slowly disappearing. Some have expressed, that removing tattoos using advanced lasers technology is less painful when compared to the actual pain one experiences while getting the Tattoo. Ink pigments are shattered down using high energy lasers. The broken pigments absorb into the skin gradually. There are many different factors that contribute to the success of a tattoo removal which include the color, age, location, type of ink used and the individual’s metabolism. Because there are so many different factors, there is no way to know for sure how many treatments each removal will take.

BOTOX : Botox and Dysport are widely used to combat wrinkles. These are all various refined forms of botulinum toxin. While there are many beauty clinics that offer Botox treatment, when not used properly, they can have many serious side effects. Though initially Botox has been used to treat only spasms, especially eye spasms, this is now used to clear wrinkles from your face as well as stop sweat and heal migraines. Botox injections can block the nerves, which contract the muscles, slowly softening and clearing off the wrinkles. Botox can be injected in various regions of the face, to clear various problems associated with the muscles that help work your facial expressions. It is used to lift the eyebrows that are sagging and raise the edges of the mouth to clear cobble-stoned chins.

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