Amazing Nutrition Tips from Experts to Maintain Good Oral Health

Taking good care of your child’s dental health is very important because early visits to dentists avoid major dental complications in the future. Baby teeth eventually fall out but proper maintenance of these baby teeth is essential since they play a huge role in helping your child bite and chew food, and speak clearly. The phrase “first dental visit by first birthday” is trending among parents these days while the idea of visiting a dentist by age 1 is still surprising to many patients. In addition to regular dental visits, paying attention to what your child eats also has a huge impact on achieving good oral results.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are low in sugar and contain a high amount of water content. Moreover, the crunchiness in certain fruits and vegetables helps clean your teeth. Also, avoid consuming fruits like bananas and dried fruits that are high in sugar levels. If they eat these fruits, be sure to brush your kid’s teeth immediately after eating.


Always go for foods that are good sources of Calcium to build strong and healthy teeth. Some foods that have good amounts of calcium include, milk, yogurt, cheese and broccoli. Add these foods in your child’s meals and snacks for better dental results.


Taking in snacks and meals that contain cheese trigger the flow of saliva to get rid of food particles off the teeth.

Say No to Sugary, Sticky and Starchy Foods

This list includes foods like raisins, dried fruit, granola bars, cookies, hard candies, jelly beans, honey, chewy caramels, and syrup. These food particles tend to stick to the teeth and are difficult for saliva to wash away. Consuming more and more of these foods coats your teeth with sugar and causes cavities and tooth decay. So, try only to buy foods that are unsweetened and sugar free.

Bid Adieu to Soda or Juice

Develop a habit of buying and serving plain water to your kids since it is safe for your teeth and does not contain any sugar like milk or juice. It also prevents their teeth from long-term exposure to sugar.

Also, teach your children to brush and floss their teeth twice every day to help remove plaque and food particles that cling to your teeth.

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