Are You Okay? The Signs of Someone Who Is Intoxicated

One of the aspects of the responsible service of alcohol is knowing when a patron or customer has had too much to drink and is unduly intoxicated. Under the Responsible Service of Alcohol you should not serve alcohol to someone who is already drunk. There are a number of things you can look for if you think someone has already had enough to drink.

If someone is drunk, there are physical signs they will exhibit that will show they have drank too much alcohol. If they bump or knock over furniture; if they doze off or sway while seated; and if they exhibit uncoordinated or clumsy movements then there is a good chance they are intoxicated. Lack of fine motor skills, like handling money or belongings, might also indicate that a person is intoxicated.

Alcohol affects people in different ways, but a tell-tale way of knowing is watching how someone behaves. For example, if someone is making inappropriate sexual advances to members of the opposite sex, then they might be intoxicated. Further, if someone is getting into arguments and being aggressive towards others, then it might also be a sign they have drank too much alcohol.

By listening to how someone is talking you can notice if they have drunk too much. If someone is having a rambling conversation, often losing their of train of thought or not making any sense then they may be intoxicated. Also, if you notice their speech patterns are altered, for example slurred and incomprehensible, then that also may indicate they are drunk. Someone who is intoxicated will often speak at a level that is inappropriate – they may be talking far too loud and yelling indoors but it can also be whispering when there is no need. Also the volume of a person’s voice may fluctuate for no apparent reason.

It is hard to know for certain whether a person is drunk and should not be served or supplied any more alcohol. Yet by being aware of the physical and behavioral aspects of intoxication then you have have the knowledge to make an informed decision regarding their state of being. Your duty is to serve alcohol responsibly, and by knowing the tell-tale signs, you will be able to do your job.

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