Basic Oral Chelation

Basic Oral Chelation

By Clifford H Woods

Chelation is a very simple and basic concept that can be used as a beneficial therapy. What it basically does is remove the buildup of toxic heavy metals in the body. It flushes them out and leaves the body feeling much better than before the therapy started. It is primarily used for certain heart issues.

Some recent scientific findings have revealed that accumulation of heavy metals in bloodstream can actually trigger various heart diseases and if you take oral chelation, you can significantly reduce your chances of developing those heart ailments. There are many oral chelation therapy drugs on market right now with each one having its own set of benefits.

Oral Chelation helps to ensure that you can really detoxify the body and start over with a clean slate, especially if you have been exposed to heavy metals in things like the food that you eat and in the water that you drink from a contaminated source.

There are environmental factors at play as well, such as the ambiance where you work and live. It is highly recommended to get yourself a proper checkup from a certified medical professional to find out just how high the levels of heavy metal are in your blood, so that you can be advised on how to take care of it with oral chelation.

Most of the times the therapy instructions will be quite detailed from the practitioner you see. Medical doctors and Naturopaths have been dealing with chelation for a while and are well versed in their use.

A search for “Oral Chelation and Heart Disease” on a good search engine like Google will find you some of the most popular oral chelation formulations on the market.

You can buy yourself urine test kits, which will show you exactly how much heavy metal; you are excreting out of your body while you are on the therapy. This will also help you see the before and after effects from start to finish of your oral chelation therapy. You will be able to see the results for yourself.

You can buy the oral chelation over the counter at most health food stores and even at some pharmacies. It is a much safer alternative to taking the IV version of this same thing.

You do not have to stay at the doctor’s for hours at a time and there is no injection and you don’t have to worry about contamination or infection either. It is much safer to take it in its oral form for every single person who wants to take it.

Once you do your course of chelation, you can take your urine test to observe the heavy metal output and note it down before you commence with the therapy. Following the instructions for chelation use provide for much better results.

Heavy metal reduction is a desirable thing for the health of ones body and is simple to get done. You can flush all the heavy metal contamination out of your body with this therapy and it is surely worth trying for the sake of your heart health. Maintaining regular oral chelation helps keep the body free of heavy metals and toxins.


Author: Clifford H Woods is the Executive Director of Vibrant Life.
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