The benefits of using a KD Smart electric wheelchair

There are so many options, to have an electric wheelchair, in the market. Why should I particularly go for the KD Smart electric wheelchair? Well it does have its ups and downs or benefits over the other types to make its mark in the market.

  • For starters, it is suitable for all, young or old. There is nothing that restricts the usefulness according to the age. This wheelchair can be driven by the person without any aid. It also runs smooth on any surface- carpet, grass, rough terrain etc.
  • The KD Smart wheelchair, basic model is light weighted with just 50 pounds. It can afford a body weight of up to 265 pounds on the seat. Yes, there is a weight limit. There is no low limit for the weight.
  • The next best benefit of KD Smart wheelchair is that it is foldable and can fit into the car trunk or back seat. There are no complications, fold it like you do with a stroller. It is compact in size can also go into its specified travel case as well. How often do you see a travel case made for the foldable wheelchair?
  • The seats are padded for comfort and so is the back rest. The footrest below can be folded back or set straight but not adjustable.
  • It is power driven with minimal physical effort. You just need to know how to handle the joystick. The power comes from the two lithium ion batteries in the chair. A charger is provided with the product.
  • It can run for 15 miles with a full charge. When you calculate by time, the wheelchair can run for about 4 hours continuous with a full charge. Both the batteries work at the same time to power up the wheelchair.
  • The four wheels provide the ample stability for the wheelchair. The wheels are all 8 inches in diameter that can take a minimum turn of about 31.5 degrees radius. This is one of the lowest of all wheelchairs, not all can take this smallest turn in small areas.
  • The joystick is the best feature here as it is flexible to be mounted on either left or right hand side, according to the preferences. Not many electric wheelchairs can boast of this option that the KD Smart chairs have. This is used to move the wheelchair forward, backward or to the sides.
  • The speed control has two options, one to adjust slow or fast, and the other with 4 bars of speed limits. The speeds could be compared as mild jog, normal walk, speed walk and a trot. The maximum speed attainable is approx 3-4 miles per hour. The more you push the joystick, faster the chair can move.
  • There is also a storage basket below the seat to have your purse or other bags underneath.
  • KD Smart electric wheelchairs require minimum maintenance. The seats are removable for easy cleaning and can be replaced without much hassle.
  • For all the good features it offers, KD Smart wheelchairs come at an affordable price. There are three models to choose from according to the needs. The price includes the tax as well as the shipping charges. There is no need to pay extra for the shipping.
  • The biggest benefit is the 60 day money back guarantee that comes with the KD Smart wheelchair. If you end up disliking the wheelchair for any reason, please make a call and have ti returned to the manufacturer and get your money back. It also has a complete one year warranty on manufacturing defects.