Bladder and Kidney Cancer – Symptoms & Treatment

Cancer is a very serious disease in which cells grow abnormally. Bladder cancer is a disease with the fast and unlimited growth of irregular cells in the bladder. Cancer normally starts in the covering of the bladder. The destructive cells start increasing, spread within the covering and reach the muscular wall of the bladder.

Symptoms – Bladder Cancer

1. You may see blood in urine. It is the most common symptom of bladder cancer.

2. Experiencing difficulty or pain during urination. This is also known as dysuria.

3. Frequent urination with a small amount of urine.

4. Lower legs may swell.

5. Sudden weight loss.

6. Pain in lower back, anus or pelvic area.

7. Low hemoglobin.

Treatment and its result for the bladder cancer depend on stage or grade of cancer. If found in early stages then it is curable. Surgery can be an option in the case of early detection of cancer. Chemotherapy can also be useful for it. It is used to destroy the cancer cells using medication. Radiation therapy is also used to fight cancer. In this procedure, high X-rays are used to destroy the cancer cells.

Cancer of the kidney is a disease in which kidney cells become cancerous and grow abnormally, in an uncontrolled way and form a tumor. Kidney cancer most likely starts from the covering of tubules in the kidney. Most of times kidney cancers are found before they spread and which cause lesser problems. For the successful treatment, it is good if cancer is detected in early stages however it is not generally caught. There is no reason found yet for the kidney cancer. High drinking and smoking can cause kidney cancer.

Symptoms – Kidney Cancer

In the case of kidney cancer, most of the time, people see no early symptoms. Symptoms appear as the tumor grows larger. Usual symptoms are:

– Blood appears when patient passes urine

– A cyst or lump appear in abdomen

– No willingness to eat

– Pain in lower sides

– Sudden weight loss without any reason

– Fever without any viral infection and it stay for weeks

– Extreme weakness and tiredness

– Low hemoglobin

– Swelled ankles or legs

– Coughing up blood

– Continuous pain in bones

Surgery is one of most successful treatments of kidney cancer however, it is successful only when one of the two kidneys works properly. In that case, the infected kidney or the one with the cancerous tumor will be removed. If both kidneys are removed then the person will need dialysis. A kidney transplant is possible if cancer is not spread out of the kidney.

When cancer in the bladder spreads to other organs, then it can cause a problem in kidney, liver and bowel function. Contact the best physicians in Kansas City right here to get the best treatment.