Body Weight Workouts- Get In Shape Without the Weights?

While there is nothing wrong with joining a gym and exercising with the machines they have, you don’t need to use fancy exercise equipment to get your body into great shape. Workouts that use the weight of your own body will help you burn fat, calories and form muscle mass. Body weight workouts are a dynamite way to better your flexibility and increase your strength and stability.

What are Body Weight Exercises?

When you do push-ups, lunges or squats for example, you are using the weight of your body to increase your fitness level rather than using a nautilus machine to get the same affect. In other words, body weight drills are strength training exercises that use your body weight to provide resistance rather than free weights or weight machines. You can do these routines practically anywhere. Which means that you don’t have to find a gym when you go on vacation or a business trip.

Benefits to Body Weight Exercises

There are several perks to using body weight workouts. Not only will you save money by not spending it on a gym membership, but you will remove a huge obstacle for most people: finding time to get down to the gym. Most body weight workouts will strengthen your core by design while still working the targeted muscle group. There are 29 muscles that make up your body’s core, which are anchored in the pelvis, your lower back and your abdominal area. These muscles provide support and stability for the rest of your body.

Your flexibility will also improve when you use body weight workouts to get in shape. You will be able to stretch, bend and move much easier with these type of exercises. Weight machines don’t boost your flexibility as well as body weight exercises can and these drills can be done by anyone at almost any age. They are a great way for the elderly to maintain their health and activity levels.

Body Weight Routines

Body weight workouts are fairly straightforward and they don’t take a lot of time to do. You can create your own routine that will only take you 10 – 20 minutes to execute and if you do it 3 to 4 times a week, you’ll see great results from your efforts. A beginning body weight routine might look like this (repeat the sequence 2-4 times):

15 Wall Squats
15 Push-ups
20 Lunges
15 Jumping Jacks

Don’t neglect to stretch before you begin your workout so you don’t pull any muscles or ligaments. Also do a cool down stretch when you conclude your workout.

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