How to calculate the cost of your dental implants?

Well-designed and well-fitted dental implants feel and function like natural teeth. They are more comfortable than dentures and unlike dentures they impose no diet restrictions. They are fixed and when maintained properly, they last for many years.

If you are considering cheap dental implants then the following factors will help you determine the cost of the procedure.

1) Number and type of dental implants required

Quite obviously, single dental implant cost is much less than the cost of multiple implants. Also the type of restoration and the material used in the implants play a significant role in determining the price of the procedure. For instance, when a patient has certain allergies, the titanium in the shaft of the dental implant is replaced with ceramic. Ceramic is much more expensive to manufacture as well as to install.

2) Costs related to the surgery

Like any other surgery, dental implants also involve costs related to the use of anesthesia, sedation, antibiotics and so on. The administration of drugs differs from one patient to another and therefore there is significant cost difference between two patients undergoing the same procedure.

3) The location and fees of the dentist

Dentists in different parts of Australia follow different fees structures in the case of dental implants. Also, the experience and expertise of the doctor influences the cost of dental implants. If a patient wants to have his lateral or central incisors replaced with implants then he needs an expert who will take care of the aesthetics of the procedure too. In such cases, the cost of the treatment tends to shoot up.

4) Need for additional dental procedures

In some cases, the patient may have other dental issues to be taken care of along with installing the dental implants. The most common case is the need for bone grafting that allows the addition of more bone to keep the implant in its place. Other type of additional procedures performed on patients who require dental implants are:

– Extraction of the left over tooth before replacing it with dental implants (happens usually in the case of accidents where a part of the tooth is broken while the remaining part is still stuck to the gum).
– Sinus lifts in order to add premolar and molar mass.
– Periodontal treatment to get rid of infections in the gums.

The need for these dental treatments increases the complexity of the dental implant procedure, requires more visits to the dentists and therefore increases the overall cost too.

While there is a common belief that cost of tooth implants in Australia is way too much, there have been several studies to prove that dental implants are a cost-effective option in the long run.

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