Can pregnant women have their wisdom tooth removed?

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and to anyone. One of the common dental problems that can occur in adults including pregnant women is wisdom tooth pain or infection. It is for this reason that medical experts recommend women who are planning for pregnancy to go through a thorough dental check-up. Women who ignore the significance of maintaining their dental health and ignore their chance to wisdom teeth removal finally end up with pain and infection during pregnancy.

Read on to find answers to common questions about wisdom tooth removal during pregnancy and cost of wisdom teeth removal.

Do all women with wisdom tooth issues undergo extraction during pregnancy?

In some cases, the pain is treated with topical solutions and the wisdom teeth removal is postponed but in some cases the extraction becomes unavoidable.

Are there increased chances of wisdom tooth issues during pregnancy?

Pregnancy causes hormonal changes which can cause or aggravate the sensitivity of the gums around the wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth pain and infection is more likely to occur in women who have had trouble with their dental health since long. The reason behind the problem could be plaque build-up, abnormal growth of wisdom tooth and so on.

How is wisdom tooth infection treated during pregnancy?

Wisdom teeth removal process can be completed safely during pregnancy and also with significant medical advancements wisdom teeth removal cost will not be a financial burden anymore. However, some dental surgeons recommend postponing the procedure towards the end of the first trimester as the use of anesthetics increases the risk of miscarriage. Scheduling the removal during the last trimester is not recommended too as the patient may find it very uncomfortable and too much pressure on the veins can also be a risk. The best time for wisdom teeth removal would be the second trimester when the fetus has crossed its most critical developmental stages.

Are there alternative suggestions for wisdom teeth removal during pregnancy?

Generally, most dentists would recommend postponing the removal process not because it is unsafe but to avoid the inconvenience and the pain from the procedure. Oral irrigation is administered to the area around the infected teeth and antibiotics are recommended to bring down the inflammation. Care must be taken to ensure that prescribed medicines for wisdom tooth infection do not interfere with pregnancy of the patient. Patients are recommended to consult their OB before going ahead with the dental treatment plan.

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