Causes Of Detroit Neuropathy Michigan

Detroit neuropathy Michigan is a term that is used when the peripheral nervous system has sustained damage. This system is made up of the central nervous system which consists of the spinal cord and the brain. The peripheral nervous system includes the sections that are not within the central nervous system.

There are three distinct nerve systems that make up the peripheral nervous system. They all perform specific duties. Your motor nerves are responsible for the control of the muscles in your body. Sensations such as pain, cold or heat are controlled by your sensory nerves. Bladder functions and blood pressure control are regulated by the automatic nerves in your body.

Muscle weakness is one of the symptoms that may be evident when damage has been caused to the peripheral nervous system. Symptoms such as numbness or tingling in your feet and hands, co-ordination loss in affected areas of the body and shooting pain in certain areas of your body may be experienced. Some people may experience extreme sensitivity of the skin to the extent that it may be painful when you put a towel or bedding on your body. You may feel a burning sensation on your skin

The causes of Detroit neuropathy Michigan include viral or bacterial infections, nerve pressure, nerve trauma, vitamin deficiencies, tumors or other diseases such as kidney or liver disease. Diabetes is one of the most common causes of this condition.

To diagnose the condition, you may have to undergo some tests. The underlying cause related to the condition must be identified once a positive diagnosis has been obtained. To diagnose the condition you may have to undergo a nerve biopsy or a nerve conduction test. The biopsy is a minor surgical event where the surgeon will remove a test sample of a peripheral nerve from your leg. This is done to test the nerve and this condition causes the nerve’s shape to be physically altered.

When you undergo the nerve conduction test, your doctor will place small electrodes on your skin. The electrodes give off small electrical shocks that will stimulate your nerves. The speed and the strength of the signals through your nerves will be measured during this procedure. In cases where the signals are slow or weak, it will be an indication that you suffer from peripheral neuropathy.

Treatment methods for this condition will address the underlying causes of the condition and the symptoms of the pain. The term that is used medically for nerve pain is neuropathic pain. This type of pain does not normally respond very well to treatment plans that include regular painkillers. Your health care professional will have to prescribe different medication, but you should be aware that these may cause side effects. To overcome this problem, it may take a while before you find the medication that best suits you. You may have to try a combination of medications to find the right one.

If diabetes is the main cause for the Detroit neuropathy Michigan, you will have to make changes to your normal lifestyle. This will include cutting down on your alcohol consumption if you are a drinker. Smokers will be advised to try and give it up. Your diet may have to be changed to enable you to regulate your weight and you will have to regular exercise in your daily routine.

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