Chief Information Regarding Sunless Tanning Lotion

Sunless tanning products guarantee a safe, natural-looking tan without damaging the skin from sun exposure. Sunless tanning lotion is among the many products used by consumers because it is easy to apply on any skin. All work in effectively the same way: staining the outermost surface of the skin with dihydoxyacetone and erythrulose, both of which are secure dyeing ingredients.

Sunless tanning lotion does not involve skin pigmentation. Its application does not also require the need for ultra-violet (UV) exposure to initiate the color change on the skin.

Consumers should take time to chose the sunless tanning lotion that make them feel comfortable. Most lotions of these lotions have a scent that leaves you yearning for more. Look for a sunless tanning lotion that is easy to apply, has great tan color and it has a faster tanning effect than the sun. The sunless tanning lotion should make you looking natural.


Many people prefer sunless tanning lotion because it is very effective especially when applied according to the given guidelines. No one prefers lying under the sun for hours to get that tan whereas you can go to any beauty shop and purchase the sunless tanning lotion. The best thing about this product is that you can easily apply it personally by following the written instructions while you are indoors at the shortest time possible. Sunless tanning lotion is best for people who do not tan easily and those who have fair skin that burn easily. This is easier achieved indoors. One is sure of obtaining that golden and glowing within a very short period of time. The burden of worrying about the damage that the ultraviolet rays of the sun can contribute is reduced.

The best thing about purchasing sunless tanning lotion is that you get a package that includes moisturizers and sunscreen which are essential for the skin. The instructions on the package are easy to understand. One is required to rub the tanner on the skin before moisturizing it and after use the sunscreen to get protection from the sun.

During application the sunless tanning lotion tends to stick on the palms. When this happens it is advisable clean your hands with water multiple times during the application procedure. Latex gloves are another option. A damp triangle makeup sponge can be used to apply at the back of the hands. This will keep the sunless tanning lotion off your palms and right where it is supposed to be.

For best results a person should be patient enough to wait for fifteen minutes before dressing up. It may seem weird while waiting for the sunless tanning lotion to dry, but if you are impatient you may end up staining your clothes. You can look for pass time activities like reading a magazine as you wait or watching a movie.

It is evident that too much sun exposure causes cancer and makes you look old. Sunless tanning lotion is the best gift you can give to your body during summer for that awesome complexion. It will enhance your confidence and the best thing about sunless tanning lotion is that it comes with a color that matches your complexion.

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