Choosing The Best Fake Tanner For You

Different times of year bring about the subject of finding the best fake tanner to produce a natural looking glow. Days of the badly streaking and overly orange application are all but gone. There are more products on the market that can be matched to your natural skin tone, dry quickly, and avoid the streaking. Deciding whether to use the spray or lotion seems to be the final personal decision needed.

Pick the right application based on your own skin tone. If you are naturally pale, you may want to take a look at the various types available and slowly grow your glow. When you are done applying your choice, you should have a nice natural glow without streaking or running.

There is no more waiting needed for the application to dry. Old sprays used to take up to 45 minutes to dry. These days are past as the newer types allow you to get dressed within five or ten minutes after application. This has become a major option, as people often desire that last minute glow before going on a date or to a social function.[I:]

Streaking was a huge problem. This was a dead giveaway that you had a fake tan. Most products try to avoid this problem because it was a big reputation dent from the past. In fact, one of the first things people ask about tanning products is whether they streak.

Applications are becoming much easier. Depending on your preference, you can obtain both sprays and lotions. Some are to be applied when you step out of the shower. Others can be applied at any time. There are also mousse-style bronzing solutions that can be purchased.

Part of finding the best fake tanner for your complexion includes being aware of your own natural skin tone. Instead of lying in the sun or tanning beds, you can easily apply a natural tan as you step out of the shower. The natural glow that many celebrities exhibit is often as simple as rubbing lotion on your skin.

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