Common Misconceptions about Sports Massage Therapy

Many individuals (including those related and unrelated to sports and athletics) consider sports massage therapy as a part of their wellness routine and enjoy the multiple benefits of the healthy practice. However, there is another section of people who refrain from embracing the concept of sports massage and consider it as something irrelevant to their lifestyle. The most common reason behind this indifference is the list of baseless myths surrounding the concept of sports massage therapy.

Read on to find the truth behind these common misconceptions.

Myth 1: Sports massage therapy is meant only for athletes and sportsmen

Sports massage therapy involves multiple healing techniques that can be matched to the specific needs of a client. It does not matter if the patient’s pain is due to extreme sports-related practice or due to the normal postural changes of the daily routine, sports massage can work wonders on the patient’s body. Apart from soothing the pain, sports massage therapy can also be used to increase the pain tolerance level in the client and to provide options to change the cause of certain ailments.

Myth 2: Sports massage that hurts, works!

Certain amount of discomfort is witnessed during the massage session but the pain does not have to be so intense that you feel traumatized. Gentle sports massage therapy in Perth can work well for patients through penetrating into the deepest layers of the tissues. Great results can be achieved through gentle massage sessions too without inflicting too much pain.

Myth 3: The results achieved through massage therapy are only temporary

As mentioned earlier, a good massage therapist does not only eliminate the temporary aches and pains of the body but also triggers the immune system and improves the body mechanics. Muscles in the human body have a strong memory. For instance, craning your neck forward to look into the computer screen for prolonged period can cut off nerve pathways. This leads to numbness and tension in the neck Regular massages from a renowned sports massage center will acknowledge the pain patterns and resolve the problem by re-educating the muscles. The existing pain disappears and the improved body mechanics offers lasting benefits.

Myth 4: Sports massages can be availed from any source

Sports massages are best delivered by licensed professionals who are trained particularly to focus on problem areas of the body. While sports massage can be used to treat almost any kind of body pain, the client must consult the therapist in advance, have a detail discussion about their medical history and then proceed with the treatment. A trained massage therapist who understands specific client needs and is able to alter the treatment plan accordingly is recommended.

The author is a well-known massage therapist in Perth. He has been in this career for more than 10 years. He has developed specialized skills to massage which can alleviate pain and relieve people from tension with sports injuries. Read here to know more.