Common Question on Laser Tattoo Removal Answered!

Tattoo removal has become quite common these days, yet a lot of people have questions about it before accepting to undertake the procedure. Tattoo removal procedures have become more advanced and easier than before, thanks to laser technology. If you’re considering laser tattoo removal procedure, here’s everything you need to know:


Many people today often get fascinated about inking tattoos to their body, but sooner or later their ideas change, thus they end up making decisions to either modify or remove them. So how do you remove it once it is done? This is where laser comes to the limelight. Laser tattoo removal is widely popular as a technique to remove tattoos from your body. The results produced are very promising.


1. Every kind of tattoo in existence can be removed with this method. There are several factors that come into play that determine how effective the results will be.

2. One of the greatest factors to be considered is that the procedure is to be performed by expert professionals. Size of the tattoo also counts.

3. Bigger the tattoo, longer will be the time taken for it to be removed. When it comes to colors, lightly colored tattoos are easy to be removed, while the process can be more complex for darker ones.


Laser tattoo removal involves a simple and easy procedure. As soon as a high focused laser beam hits the tattoo, it destroys the pigment of the ink, which then subsequently comes out of the skin naturally. It takes a few sessions before the tattoo is completely removed and takes some time to heal after the procedure.


A complete treatment would require 2 to 8 sessions, with a rest time of 2 to 4 weeks in addition. This means that it would take about 6 months for the tattoo to be removed effectively. Smaller tattoos are pretty easy to be removed, while bigger ones would consume more time.


Blisters and scars can occur as a result of the procedure, which is normal and will go away after a few days. The high intensity beam being subjected to a certain point on your skin results in blisters. It will take a few weeks for the skin to heal. However great results are produced and it’s worth trying the treatment.


Here’s what you need to do before undertaking the procedure:

1. Eat full meal or snack before appointment and also consume plenty of fluids.

2. Quit smoking for a while. Cigarette smoking can slow down healing.

3. Ensure the area to be treated is clean and free from lotions and cosmetics.

4. Do not consume aspirin or ibuprofen.

Choice of medical professional also counts for an effective laser tattoo removal procedure. Do your research and make your choice wisely for convincing results and tattoo-free skin.

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