What are some common teeth whitening myths?

Discoloration of teeth can be embarrassing and would often keep you from smiling as much as you want to. Though you brush your teeth regularly, you could be suffering from discolored teeth due to food habits like coffee, tea, red wine, nicotine, or certain medications. Here are some common misconceptions on the concept of teeth whitening.

– Whitening Toothpastes are as better as other treatments

Of course, some toothpaste contains whitening agents that can fight against the surface stains of the teeth. But over-the-counter treatments like strips, trays and gel offer better whitening. However, though dentist charges higher teeth whitening cost, they use products with professional strength whitening ingredients that yield the best result.

– You can use fruits to whiten your teeth

It is true that fruits like strawberries and lemons contain acids that could lighten the color of your teeth. Keep in mind that they do so while etching away the layers of your enamel during the process. This can permanently damage your teeth.

– Children can have teeth whitening

If the whitening process is done before the pulp in the teeth has fully matured, it can affect the gum tissues and cause irritation. Thus, it is advised to have it after they reach teenage because their teeth would be less sensitive.

– Teeth whitening lasts forever

In truth, the effect of the procedure can sustain perfectly for just 1-2 years. Remember that the whitening agents are only responsible for breaking the discolored barrier. Then new deposits get formed over the time. By maintaining a simple oral routine and avoiding teeth-yellowing agents, you can make them last longer.

– Teeth whitening gels can damage your enamel

There may be some truth in this one. But dentist are trained to provide the procedure with correct formulations, exposure time and method. Thus, they provide highly safe teeth whitening with extra ordinary results.

– Teeth whitening replaces oral care

Sadly, this is not true. It can make your teeth look and feel healthy. But it cannot treat tooth decay and remove plaque. You should let your dentist check your teeth regularly to preserve your oral health.

– Dental prosthetics can also be whitened

In reality, they are made of synthetic materials on which the teeth whitening agents will have no effect.

Always talk to your dentist before starting any treatment so that you cannot compromise your oral health at any cost.

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