When should I consider Teeth Alignment?

Teeth Alignment – A Quick Guide

A charming smile is a unique gift to humans. But, if your teeth alignment prevents you from using this gift effectively, you should see a dentist Sydney CBD. The most common orthodontic option to get your teeth aligned properly is the use of braces. Continuous pressure applied by the braces helps in shifting the teeth into proper alignment over a period.

Preparation Helps

When you are advised braces to get your teeth aligned perfectly, it is desirable to discuss with an orthodontist. Dentist Sydney CBD will consider your pre-existing health problems and carry out a general clinical examination before initiating the next steps. An X-ray of your mouth and head may be needed, apart from your photograph. An impression would also be taken to get the plaster model created. Once all these are ready, the orthodontist can prescribe a treatment plan that best suits your individual circumstances.

The Process

Typically, your Sydney CBD dentist will start with a thorough cleaning and dry up your month. It will be followed by application of an adhesive to your teeth so that the brackets can be attached and held in place. An arch wire is then installed in the brackets with the help of elastic to secure them. This process takes about 2 hours from start to finish. Typically, no pain is associated with the process. However, some discomfort after you are back home can be expected. Your tongue and perhaps cheek rubbing against braces just installed can result in some sensitivity. It could take about a week before normalcy returns.

Getting the Best Out of Your Braces

After the braces are installed on the teeth by your Sydney CBD dentist, it is important that it is properly cared for so that you get the desired results. Usual dental hygiene like flossing and brushing needs to be maintained. Thorough cleaning of your teeth is also important when you are brushing. Check with your Sydney CBD dentist for an appropriate toothbrush to address the needs of the braces mainly. Remember that with the braces on, brushing can consume more time, and you cannot skip the routine. Similarly, waxed floss is recommended to avoid the floss getting stuck in between the braces.

Be Careful with Your Food

After the braces are installed, you would need to be careful about the food that you eat. Foods with high sugar content can lead to excessive plaque build-up and damage the teeth. You are also better off avoiding nuts, popcorn, caramel, candies and similar stuff since particles from these can lodge into the braces.

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