The Correlation Of Yoga & Pregnancy

Pregnancy is tiring and one must have as much energy as possible to endure those months. Yoga is the best bet to have the same. It would also strengthen the muscles and flex them to help while in labor. The benefits of doing yoga during pregnancy are much more. It helps both the mother and the baby equally. Though not many asana or physical efforts are done for this pre-natal yoga, it requires lot of breathing exercises and meditation that assist in balancing, relieving stress and reduce the anxiety. Let’s find out more about the pros and cons of pre-natal yoga and the suitable yoga poses for pregnancy.

Benefits of doing yoga during pregnancy

  • Gives more strength to carry the weight of the baby and gives better strength to the arms, back, shoulders, and hips.
  • Gets you better balance both physically and emotionally
  • Best to relieve the stress and pressure of pregnancy
  • Provides better control over the nervous system
  • Prepares you for the labor with flexible muscles
  • Meditation makes a better connection between the mother and baby
  • Improves the blood circulation in the mother’s body to reduce the swellings and create better environment for the growing baby
  • Group yoga helps you realize that you are not alone to suffer which helps emotionally
  • It is also a great time to pamper yourself

Caution for yoga during pregnancy

  • As much the benefits are there, one must be very cautious with yoga during pregnancy. There are specifications for each trimester.
  • Standing poses are better in the first trimester, the next two trimesters are better off with asanas and do while sitting.
  • There should be more breathing exercises than physical exercises.
  • Avoid any pose that demands you to lay on your back after the first trimester.
  • Always attend the yoga class that is instructed by a trained practitioner for the pre-natal yoga. It is different from normal yoga.
  • Consult with your obstetrician before endorsing in any pre-natal yoga class.

Suitable yoga practices for pregnancy

Shoulder lifts, neck exercises, breathing practice etc are the best of yoga suitable for pregnancy. Other suitable poses are butterfly stretch, seated bend with specific modifications, angles twist of the shoulder area only.

Since the growing fetus makes breathing difficult, pranayama makes the best option.

Do not just stick to yoga during pregnancy. The benefits of yoga are more when it is paired with enough walking. So do not fret, get out for a nice walk, preferably in the evening. It lowers the blood pressure, heart rate etc that usually flares up during pregnancy. The pre-natal yoga makes an opportunity for the expectant mothers to have community of their own and share their worries and experiences. It gives the emotional boost they all need. Studies have also proven that yoga during pregnancy has reduced the stress level on mothers even after childbirth. Proper yoga brings the best out of anyone and expectant mothers are no different.

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