Dental Implant Myths You Should Not Believe


Most patients choose dental implant treatment to replace their missing tooth. A dental implant is the artificial tooth root that is placed into the patient’s jaw bone to support the artificial tooth or crown. Initially, the implant made of Titanium or Zirconium is placed inside your jawbone and allowed for osseointegration. The integration process may take three to six months depending on the patient’s dental health. By knowing the benefits of affordable dental implants, few patients plan to undergo dental implants treatment. But, most patients are afraid of undergoing dental implants treatment due to the myths. Here we have mentioned few dental implant myths and its fact.

Myth #1: Dental Implants Hurt

Fact: Dental implants treatment involves the use of anesthesia. The dentist will use anaesthesia to numb the surgical site before starting the procedure. This makes the patient feel very comfortable during the procedure. So patients no need to worry about the pain caused during the procedure.

Myth #2: Patients will experience a headache

Fact: This is the popularly known myth that you should not believe. Most people claim that a headache or a migraine is caused due to the titanium metal used to make the implant. But, there is no clinical research proving this myth. A headache may be caused due to the fact that you need to open your mouth wider for a long time during the surgery. It may disappear within few hours after the treatment.

Myth #3: Dental implants are Expensive

Fact: When you plan to undergo cheap dental implants, the initial investment can provide more benefits over a period. If you are looking for a lifetime benefit, then you need not worry about the dental implants cost in Sydney. Getting the high-quality dental implants can last longer, and with regular maintenance, it can last a lifetime.

Myth #4: Everyone can undergo dental implants treatment

Fact: Not patient requires dental implants treatment. Initially, you need to consult a dentist about your dental health. The patients having healthy jawbones only can undergo dental implants treatment. If you don’t have healthy jawbone, your dentist may suggest you perform bone grafting procedure.

Myth #5: All dental implants treatment is same quality

Fact: Not every dentist performs the high-quality dental implants treatment. A dentist who bargains dental implants fee may not use quality implants. This may cause allergies and even failure of implants. So it is necessary to check whether the dentist is well experienced and use high-quality dental implant materials before undergoing the treatment.

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