Dermal Fillers- Skin Fact and Fiction

There isn’t a time machine yet that can reverse back your age, but there are certainly a number of skincare treatments that can rub off those vicious laugh lines and forehead creases making you feel much younger and more confident.

What inhibits the adoption of these modern fillers and injectables among the people? From Botox turning you into a numb zombie to dermal fillers Oklahoma causing skin cancer, there are a number of bizarre myths that need to be set right.

Here is a closer look at the facts behind dermal fillers that debunk these baseless myths.

Myth 1: Dermal Fillers give excruciating pain

The maximum level of pain one can feel during a dermal filler treatment is like a pinch on the skin. Topical numbing agents like lidocaine are administered to the patients before the commencement of the treatment. There is absolutely no discomfort or unbearable pain during a facial filler treatment.

Myth 2: Dermal filler treatments cannot be corrected

The right choice of the skin care practitioner and well reviewed dermal fillers eliminates the chances for a dermal filler treatment failure. However in the worst case, undesirable results can be reversed. For instance, Hyaluronic acid based filler can be dissolved using a restylane treatment.

Myth 3: Permanent Fillers are more cost effective

The facial structure of a person changes with age. The facial corrections that you needed at the age of 40 may not be the same when you reach 50. It is therefore not recommended to opt for permanent fillers. While some products may allure your through cost benefits, permanent fillers may cause irreversible damages.

Myth 4: Dermal Fillers leave you expressionless

Over plumped face and trout lips are examples of a bad filler job. However this is not always the case. Expert practitioners with a right sense of proportion and sufficient experience can work wonder through the dermal filler treatment.

Myth 5: Dermal fillers are obviously visible to everyone

While over treatment of the skin using unsuitable fillers can cause obviously retracting results, appropriate treatments will remain your little secret until you wish to reveal it. Dermal fillers do not cause any skin irritation or redness and are therefore not obvious unnatural enhancements.

To conclude, dermal fillers are completely safe procedures when administered appropriately. They are not addictive or carcinogenic materials but simple skincare treatments that lets you have an opportunity to reverse age and feel better.

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