Effects of Heavy Metals and How Oral Chelation Can Help

Heavy Metals – Free radicals (tissue damaging molecules that cause aging and bodily deterioration) are the result of the ever-present toxins within our environment. Heavy metals are contained in these toxins and produce free radicals. They contribute to many health issues. From the moment, a person comes into the world he/she is exposed to said toxins, increasingly with the invention of new products using these threatening metals.


From the air to the materials we touch, there are harmful molecules everywhere. With age comes prolonged exposure to numerous, dangerous heavy metals, due to the natural environment or self-induced exposure (e.g., consumables or inhalants). Bone mass and muscle tissue can be extremely affected.


Adverse Effects of Heavy Metals – Effects of heavy metal toxicity range from the mildest of ailments to the most severe symptoms, even the onset of a complete neurological breakdown. We are exposed to heavy metals when we drink tap water or from the paint on our walls and fillings in our teeth. Although these may produce only low levels of exposure, small amounts accumulate within the entire body until it reaches dangerous levels, resulting in illnesses.


High levels of heavy metals, five or more times denser than water, such as lead, arsenic, mercury and aluminium can be extremely toxic. This, in turn, affects the peripheral and central nervous system, the colon, kidneys and liver, hormonal system, urinary system, cardiovascular health and even the skin.


Heart conditions and extreme stress due to heavy metals can be critical and are somewhat unpreventable with the daily exposures present. The impact of dangerous toxin levels on mental health can be detrimental, bringing on a loss of brain function or ‘craziness’. Circulation complications can surface and bring a vast array of health concerns. Heavy metals can be a highly threatening force within our body.


There is something that can reduce symptoms and detoxify the body, ridding the body tissue and organs of harmful and even deadly toxins… Oral Chelation!


Oral Chelation Can Help – As a revolutionary treatment; Oral Chelation offers an answer to adverse effects of heavy metals and, importantly, a prevention measure against the body’s toxic accumulation.


Oral Chelation is, in basic terms, a product which filters the body of harmful heavy metals which is taken orally. Scientifically speaking, Oral Chelation removes toxic heavy metals.


Benefits – A flexible, administer anywhere therapy, Oral Chelation simultaneously replaces lost, necessary antioxidants and minerals whilst cleansing the body. This is an alternative to medical or surgical treatment which offers ease of use.


Oral Chelation can help to stop and potentially reverse adverse effects of heavy metals. This method of cleansing is an inexpensive and non-intrusive, effective form of treatment which can provide people with a healthy body, regardless of surrounding potential health hazards and heavy metals.  There are also the potential additional benefits of improved circulation; something people with cold feet will love!


Summary: Oral Chelation distributes chelators into the blood vessels, ridding the body of the presence and adverse effects of heavy metals. There are many uncontrollable and unavoidable contributing factors to heavy metal toxicity and, with Oral Chelation, the effects can be prevented and the body returned to optimal or near optimal condition.



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