Emergency Food And Water Bins

Planning a kit with emergency food and water may be a great way to stay organized and well planned. A home can have a special bin in the basement or in the kitchen to be used in the event of a natural disaster. There are some special items that can be placed in these bins. In the event of a hurricane, fire, earthquake, tornado or flood, bins can help a family survive over the long haul. A three day food supply should be at least part of the kit. Taking into consideration the family’s size, and special diet issues may help to pack a bin that is custom for a family to use. If there are any special medical items or a baby that needs supplies, then adding those items on a regular basis may be helpful. As a baby grows or medical needs change, homeowners can simply add or remove items from the emergency bin.

In times of disasters you may not be able to have any access to clean water or food supplies even if you have a lot of money to spend. Often times emergency rescue units, paramedics, and first responders cannot reach your home or area immediately. By being preparing in advance you can be assured that every member of your household will have the proper food and necessary water that they need to survive and not get dehydrated or starve.

There are food items that can be purchased that are quick and ready to eat. Quick bars and already made snacks may be the perfect items to pack in an emergency type kit. If a natural disaster has occurred, there may not be any means to cook food or even open cans. That is why the packaging should be quick and easy to open and eat. Long shelf life expiry dates may also be factored in.

Bottled drinks may be included in the kit, as well as filters and tablets. If the water were to run dry, that would leave people with having to resort to drinking it from other sources. Rainwater, pools, rivers and streams may have to be used to quench the thirst that may be present. In order to survive, people will need to drink liquid that is filtered and healthy. Using the tablets may help to create a healthy substance to drink.

Additional important tools that you need to add in your emergency supplies are utensils and a mechanical can opener. Since electric power and gas may not be available after a disaster strikes you may also need a camping stove so that you can boil water and/or cook food. With out power a good crank radio flashlight may be needed as well. Preparing in advance is the key and emergency food and water supplies are usally the first items that will be needed to properly ensure your family’s health.

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