What Eye Problems are Correlated to Aging


A vast majority of those reading this post that are below forty will one day recall it when their vision starts to fail. Many of us start experiencing issues with our vision in the later stages of life, thus we are perturbed for lack of proper knowledge. You don’t have to fret as eye doctors will offer you an insight on the kind of experience you may be having. Herein you will acquire an overview of what to expect.


The most prevalent issue is difficulty seeing well at close proximity that starts setting in between the ages of 41 – 60. It is a normal change when the eyes focusing ability begins to diminish. It is known as presbyopia. A visit to a renowned optometrist will allay your fears of suddenly going sightless. They are specialists in diagnosing all types of eye problems related to vision. Through their guidance you will be able to regain normalcy.

Among our primary sensory organs, eyes rank highest and thus should be treated as such. It may not be obvious, but when you start holding the newspaper further away because it seems blurred, then you need a health check. People who suffer from presbyopia are lucky as there are many options to help improve their vision. These options come in the form of prescription glasses and contact lenses depending on your preference or the optometrists’ recommendation.

Probable Causes:

There are several indicators related to health and work which might place you at risk of encountering eye and vision issues. People who have:

– Chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes
– A job that highly demands visual attentiveness or is a hazardous to the eyes
– A family history of macular degeneration or glaucoma
– Side effects of medicine they take for arthritis, cholesterol, depression, anxiety or thyroid are the most vulnerable to vision issues

Nudging Signs:

Other revealing signs that indicate you must visit an optometrist are:

– Difficulty in distinguishing colors
– Less tear production
– Problems with bright light
– Difficulty in doing close work or reading and
– Need for brighter light


Prebyopia is a condition whereby the lens in your eye gets more flexible, thus the perception is lessened. This flexibility enables the eye to adjust focus from things that are at a distance, and those that are nearby. These changes that occur gradually from early age have remedies that help regain near clear vision. They include:

– Eyeglasses with single or multifocal lenses
– Monovision and bifocal contact lenses
– Laser surgery

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