Four Common Myths about Strength Training Debunked

The best fitness trainers believe that strength training goes a long way in making an individual stronger, faster, healthier and more resilient to injury. Nevertheless, some individuals are yet to accept strength training as a part of their workout regime and believe that this form of exercise is only used to bulk up the body.

Read on to find out the other common myths about strength training and the reality behind them.

Myth 1: Lifting weights is the work of body builders

Strength training is like a body shaping tool that has the power to work in the exact same way as you want it to. Strength training certainly enlarges your muscles but if you want it to build lean muscles without adding any mass, you will still be able to do it. Strength training can be used to enlarge your muscles but with specially catered routines from certain fitness centers in Colorado Springs, you will be able to improve strength and achieve muscle endurance without muscle enlargement.

Myth 2: Cardio is more efficient when it comes to losing weight

Cardio is a good form of weight-loss regime. But, if you looking to burn your fat and attain a slim body in a hurry, then weight lifting is the best solution. Strength training enhances lean muscle mass and pushes up the metabolism of the body. Men and women feel much rejuvenated after every strength training session with their personal trainers.

Myth 3: Strength training can make an individual inflexible

This myth probably rose from the fact that body builders are often considered as “muscle bound”. Some people also believe that strength training can shorten the tendons or ligaments and thus cause loss of pliability. In reality, strength training does not affect the flexibility of the individual in any way. Most athletes, runners as well as weight lifters stretch and stay flexible and some don’t! Strength training does not contribute anything in this area of physical well-being.

Myth 4: Strength training is too intense and difficult

It is important to train hard when you choose strength training session from the best fitness gyms in Colorado Springs. However, this does not mean that the individual must kill himself during each session. A little push to the body is essential but it is also equally important to listen to the signs of the body. Along with the fitness trainer, one needs to experiment with what works best for their body and fitness goals and then rely more upon smart work out rather extremely hard work out.

Individuals who follow a well-structured strength training session can fit all the required workout within a minimal amount of time and enjoy better health without any disruption to their work schedule.

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