Frequent Questions on Root Canal Therapy Answered

Root Canal Therapy








For those having an infected or damaged tooth, root canal therapy is a blessing. Dentists in Penrith have been providing root canal or endodontic treatment for several patients to offer relief from toothaches and restore their smiles. There are various reasons that imply why root canal treatment is necessary, but damage to the nerve of the tooth is the common cause according to dentists. To get better insight about the treatment, have a look at these questions and answers.

What is Root Canal?

The root of every tooth has a canal running through its centre. The nerves of the tooth lie within the root canal. There also lies a pulp chamber within the root canal. In the root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp will be removed, after which the interior of tooth will be cleaned and sealed.

When is Root Canal Procedure Necessary?

Root canal becomes necessary when the inflammation or infection gets intense. If the infection isn’t treated, it is possible for it spread to the nearby tissues by travelling through the tooth. This can gradually affect your overall health too.

How is the Procedure done?

The area of treatment is first numbed and an opening is made on the chewing surface of the teeth. Using a few instruments, the infected pulp will be removed by the dentist through the opening made. The root canal is then freed from infections, cleaned and sealed.

Is it possible to treat infection with Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are only capable of diminishing symptoms of the infection such as pain, prior to the procedure. Otherwise, the only way to cure it is by removing the infection from the tooth canal with the help of a dentist.

How successful is the Procedure?

The success rate of the procedure is very satisfying. Thus far, the treatments have projected a 95% success rate. Teeth that are rectified with the help of the procedure are found to last a lifetime. An added advantage, as cited by dentists is that it is barely noticeable for anyone that you’d undergone the treatment.

If you’ve got tooth pains or infections, consult an experienced dentist in Penrith and avail root canal treatment. Keep smiling and have your favourite foods to your heart’s content.

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