Getting Dental Implants? Read This Article to Know the Factors that Influence Dental Implant Cost

Installing permanent, non-removable teeth in edentulous patients has become even easier and less expensive with a steep growth in the dental technology. This advancement in dental field has paved for designing and installing implants or a single tooth, multiple co-located or disjointed teeth, or for an entire set of teeth. When installed, these implants look and feel like one’s own natural teeth and preserves the health of neighboring teeth. These implants require less maintenance when compared to traditional dentures and bridges. Keeping all these factors in mind, today people are leaning towards dental implant technology to get a more natural smile despite of the cost.

Dental Implants Cost in Sydney

In general, dental implant cost in Sydney costs anywhere between $2850 and $6500 for a straight forward single implant depending on various factors like complexity, tools and more. The cost of getting a more complicated single dental implant with bone graft or sinus lift is between $4000 and $11500. Whereas, the cost of all-on-4 dental implants is between $15000 and $30000. For all the above mentioned implant techniques the implant procedure is carried out using dental implants made out of Titanium, a lightweight and non-magnetic meat used in several surgical procedures. Moreover, the material used for the implant is non-corrosive and will not be rejected by your body increasing the success rate to 98%.

Factors that Determine the Final Cost of Dental Implants

The Type of Dental Implants

There are two basic types of dental implants endosteal and subperiosteal. The endosteal type of dental implants is place in the jaw bone whereas subperiosteal type of dental implants is placed on or above the jaw bone or under the gum.

Physical Characteristics of Implants

The various physical features of implants that affect the overall cost of dental implant procedure are listed below.

– Size of the implant
– Height of the implant
– Quality of the implant material used and more.

Type of the Procedure

The complexities in the following three type of dental implant procedure directly or indirectly affect the cost of dental implants in Sydney.

– Single tooth dental implant
– Single tooth dental implant with sinus lift or bone graft
– Multiple tooth or all-on-4 dental implant

Type of System

The different types of surgical system used to place dental implant play a major role in increasing dental implant cost.

– ASTRA TECH Implant System™
– Bicon™ Dental Implants and more.

Other features like the qualification and reputation of the surgical team, the techniques and technologies used, the medicare or private dental insurance of patients also play a worthwhile role in determining the cost of dental implant in Sydney and throughout Australia.

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