Green Tea Diet For Weight Loss

Drinking green tea has scientifically proven to increase your metabolism and help in promoting weight loss. Green tea blocks the absorption of carbohydrates and helps burn the stored fats in your body. With increased metabolism, green tea also helps in making you eat less. As we all know that green tea is considered to be a powerful anti-oxidant, it protects you from several disease. Drinking green tea on a regular basis along with a moderate exercise regimen can shed your excess pounds.

Green tea for weight loss

Green tea is nothing but a hot flavored water mixed with tea leaves. When you drink a cup of green tea, you are actually getting a large amount of bioactive substances that help in maintaining a healthy body. The best known bioactive substance among the green tea is caffeiene which is one of the common ingredients seen in every weight loss pills. A cup of green tea contains 24-40mg of caffeine than a cup of coffee (100-200mg). Being a powerful antioxidant, green tea includes catechins, EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) – which increases your metabolic rate.

Benefits of drinking green tea

  • Green tea mobilizes fat from fat cells – fat must be first broken down in the fat cell and then moved into the bloodstream to burn fat. The active compounds in green tea can help in burning fat by boosting the effects of some fat burning hormones. The fat that is moved into the blood stream is made available for use as energy by cells that need it like the muscle cells.
  • Green tea increases metabolism – a weight loss plan is said to be a success when your calories are constantly burnt. Several studies show that green tea can burn calories even at rest. It increases the metabolism and burns more calories – similar to what you might expect from a high-protein diet. It is said that drinking green tea daily can help people burn about 3-4% more calories each day.
  • Green tea increases fat burning – studies show that men who took green tea and exercised burned 17% more fat that men who didn’t drink green tea. The effect is much stronger when exercising.

Green diet – how to follow?

Green tea is an easily available grocery item. The green tea diet is an easy way to start your weight loss program. Once you are ready to go for it, follow these simple steps that involve drinking 4 glasses of green tea each day.

  • Begin each day with green tea – as a cup of coffee can make your day awesome, so does a cup of green tea. Drinking a cup of green tea whether it is hot or cold in the early morning, can energize your whole body and soul. Drink 8 oz of green tea in the morning to boost your immune system. Drinking cold green tea can help in burning calories since your body uses some energy to warm up the cool drink.
  • Drink before breakfast – before you eat your breakfast, drink 8 oz of green tea. The reason why you are asked to drink green tea before breakfast is that it helps you feel fuller. The result is, you will eat less for breakfast and during the rest of the day. But make sure you never skip your breakfast since it is this breakfast meal that helps to increase your metabolism
  • Drink before lunch – your third round of drinking green tea is before lunch. Here also, you will get the same fat burning benefits of green tea. It also makes you feel fuller thereby making you eat less.
  • Drink before dinner – at the end of the day, drink your last 8 oz of green tea before dinner. One of the best ways to lose weight is to increase the amount of fluid you drink each day. If you feel hungry, try drinking another glass of green tea instead of eating a snack.

How does a green tea diet work?

This has been a controversial topic for years as to how the green tea actually helps in weight loss. Some medical experts say that it is the caffeine in the green tea that actually delivers the results. Whereas another group of experts claim that it is the EGCg – an active ingredient in the green tea that actually works for weight loss. EGCg is a powerful antioxidant in green tea that neutralizes free radicals, increases metabolism and lowers the level of body’s bad cholesterol. EGCg also helps to control the glucose level in the body by helping to control the body’s absorption of carbohydrates. This in turn controls your appetite and on turn resulting in weight loss.

Tips on drinking green tea for weight loss

  • Simply drinking green tea for the whole day can lead to dehydration if it is your only fluid intake during the day. Balance your green tea intake with an equal amount of plain water. For healthy adults, it is good to drink at least 8 oz glasses of water each day.
  • Drink cold green tea to burn more calories
  • As green tea contains caffeine, it keeps you alert during the day but this same combination will keep you awake at night. So limit your intake before bedtime.
  • EGCg in green tea is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in your body.
  • Studies reveal that these antioxidants can help to protect drinkers of green tea from various deadly cancers.


Drinking green tea is the best way to lose weight naturally. A green tea diet equally helps in burning the excess fat from your body. There are diet supplements that can shed the excess pounds. To look slimmer, buy FenFast 375, which is one of the best diet pills available in the market. FenFast 375 is developed by Intechra health and contains ingredients like caffeine, L-theanine, hordenine and beta – phenylethylamine – which are clinically proven to be safe for use. Before you go for a green tea diet or for a diet pill, make sure to consult your doctor.