Harmful Effects of Household Mold

Mold affects indoor air quality and plays an important role in polluting it. Mold is everywhere and people are constantly breathing it, but the actual problem begins with the increase of its concentration. It thrives in damp and humid conditions where there is no required ventilation. The most dangerous thing about mold is that people would not understand its influence on them easily. They start treating mold related symptoms without even knowing that it is the root cause of their problem.

If you happen to notice musty odor in your home, white patches on the basement floor, black patch on shower curtain, or slick orange stain on the kitchen drains then they are probably because of mold infestation. If so contact a company specialized in mold removal immediately. Some health hazards of living in mold infested home are given here,

– Molds aggravate illness such as asthma and other respiratory allergies. It also prevents wounds from healing.

– According to the health counselors in Albuquerque, mold removal is a must if you are expecting a baby. Because babies that grew up in damp and moldy homes are found to have developed more respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia, croup and bronchitis. The effect molds have in children is comparable to passive smoking.

– Our body depends on clean air for proper functioning. Mold ridden air affects the body, which in turn causes our mind to lose clarity and ease. Hence, Mold not only affects you physically but also deters your mental health. At 2007, scientist found a direct correlation between higher amount of mold and depression. It also contaminates everything it contacts.

– It can also trigger digestive problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, hemorrhage, liver damage, fibrosis, and necrosis

– It affects your skin and causes rashes, burning, sloughing and photo-sensitivity.

– It damages the urinary system by increasing kidney toxicity.

– Vascular disease like blood vessel fragility and hemorrhage from tissues or lungs are caused by mold

– It induces changes in reproductive cycles and infertility

– Certain types of molds form mycotoxins. These molds produce a toxic environment around you. If you are largely exposed to mycotoxins, it could damage your system and could even cause death.

Mold is scary, poisonous and infects everything around it. Unless you hire a mold removal specialist in Albuquerque and kill it, it can cause irrevocable health problems.

The author has been working as a medical counselor for over 10 years. She has written various articles about preventive measures of health hazards.